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Big Government Does Tyranny To Tea Party Job Creator, Busts Him For Medicaid Fraud

Michael P. Tassone, owner of a diner with a 'Dictator Obama' special, exposed as total welfare queen. Whoops!
she has that 'This is so stupid I 'm delighted' smile again

Morning Maddow: American Wingnuts Sing Weird ‘Love Song For J. Alfred Putin’ (Video)

On Thursday's Rachel Maddow Show, we learned that Vladimir Putin is quite happy with how his life is going, telling the Russian press that, following his divorce earlier this year, "I have love in my life. I love and...

Your Smile-Time Schadenfreude Headline Of The Day: Michele Bachmann Is ‘Very Proud’ That She ‘Didn’t Get Anything Wrong’ in GOP Primary Debates

Yes, she really said that. As CityPages' Aaron Rupar reports, the woman who the AP gave up on fact-checking because she "was so full of shit, the AP would've needed round-the-clock staff to check all the claims she made"...

The Word You’re Looking For, Mitt Romney, Is ‘Schadenfreude’

In his concern for Bristol Palin's privacy, Obama is now officially a better mother than Sarah. Palin actually wanted to build that pricey Alaskan superbridge, before all the persuasive backlash. Oh, yes, so even more Palin fun facts will...

Santorum Wins!!!