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Crisis Pregnancy Centers Make Case To SCOTUS For Their Right To Trick The Pregnant

Should 'Crisis Pregnancy Centers' have to actually tell clients they are not licensed medical centers? Anti-choicers say no!

Donald Trump Makes Last Minute Booty Call To Anti-Vaxxers

Greetings, fellow election sufferers. It's time once more for the Snake Oil Bulletin! We have a shortened bulletin this week because this election has left us emotionally drained, and if we have to continue writing about the ongoing awful...

The Snake Oil Bulletin: Whiz Kid Con Artist at it Again!

God morrow to ye, fellow thespians! It's time once again for the Snake Oil Bulletin. This week we profile two actors of superlative skill in the dramatic arts. So convincing were their performances that they were able to play...
Sadly, the prisoners today tend not to be Gentlemen like Mr. Pickwick

Arkansas Judge: There’s No ‘I Have Pancreatic Cancer’ In Debtors’ Prison

An Arkansas city is being sued for using its courts as a system for extracting revenue from poor people. But if it didn't, it might have to raise taxes, and how is that fair?
dear leader plz don't steal our emails

Glorious Leader Cures Cancer Forever with Evian

North Korean leader Kim Jon-un has revealed a miracle cancer cure: springwater that has "smaller molecules." See? Commies don't need filthy capitalism to be charlatans!

Magic Wands Do Not Detect Bombs

Greetings to you, old friends, and welcome once more to the Snake Oil Bulletin! Our coverage this week takes us to international waters, to the mystical Bush-besmirched land of Iraq. After terrible tragedy striking the nation less than two...
Would you buy a used car from this PAC?

‘Pro’ Bernie Sanders Fake Super PAC Spent All Your Twenty-Seven Dollarses At The Disco

Look, a post about Bernie Sanders and we are not even punching Bernie Sanders! HOORAY!
Stop clicking. That's not really an option. No, really, stop clicking on that.

The Snake Oil Bulletin: ‘Wi-Fi Suicide’ Would Make a Great Band Name

Salutations, readers! We got us a big ole newsdump shipped in from out east past the Mississippi. Let's not mince any words jibber-jabberin' because we got us a psychic time traveler back for another story! Yee-haw! Even MORE Details Emerge...

The Snake Oil Bulletin: Deep In The Heart Of Stupid

Greetings, pardners, and welcome once again to the Snake Oil Bulletin. We've got us a rootin', tootin', hole-in-head-shootin' round of stories on the agenda this week, all taking place in that great throbbing, barbecue-thrombosed heart of America, Texas! Yeehaw!...

Why Did Ben Carson’s Enemies Force Him To Shill For Quack Cancer Cure?

Now that Dr. Ben Carson is the Republican Party's new daddy of the month, his enemies are out to get him. How? By hopping in their submarine time machines, apparently, and forcing him to use his reputation as a...

The Snake Oil Bulletin: One Weird Trick to Lose Belly Fat. Starve Yourself!

Hear ye, hear ye, step right up here! It's time once again for the Snake Oil Bulletin, a weekly smattering of crazy and Moran-acy to distract us from the horribleness that is life. This week, we'll be looking into one...

The Snake Oil Bulletin: Donald Trump Has A YOOGE Offer You Can’t Refuse

Greetings, Compatriots! Welcome again to the Snake Oil Bulletin, your weekly roundup of the latest in hoaxes, pokeses, and Presidential jokeses this side of the Mississippi. We've got a jam-packed agenda to get through today, so let's start with...

The Snake Oil Bulletin: When Your Psychic Tells You To Buy Her A Time Machine, Run Away

Welcome back to the Snake Oil Bulletin, your weekly round up of the worst in fraudsters, scamsters, and con artists to grace the pages of this here internet machine. We have an update from a story we ran last...

The Snake Oil Bulletin: Give Us All Your Moneys, Psychic Jesus Needs A Butt Injection

Welcome back to the Snake Oil Bulletin, your weekly compendium of swindlers, frauds, and con artists, all of them here for YOU, dear readers, with the divine guidance to help you through all the traps and pitfalls that El Diablo can throw your way. Side...