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Rape Fan Mike Cernovich Gets Sam Seder Fired For Not Liking Rape. Welcome To Trump’s MSNBC!

Usually 'I was JOKING' is a terrible defense. But in this case, the joke was aimed at a worthy target and those pretending to be offended are evil.

EXCLUSIVE! We Wrote These Shocking New Donna Brazile Book Excerpts Last Night While Doing Laundry!

What juicy new revelations did we make up for your amusement?

Gateway Pundit’s Li’l Correspondent Gets High On Own Supply Of ‘Antifa Super Soldier’ Shit

Stupid? Or stupid like a thing that isn't so stupid, really?

EXCLUSIVE: Unaired Script For Dana Loesch’s NRA Scare Videos!

Hopefully we stay one step ahead of Poe's Law on this one.

Open Thread: Bet You Didn’t Know Sci-Fi Movie ‘They Live’ Is Really About The Jews!

Today we learned 'They Live' is really about the international Jewish conspiracy. Sure, why not?

Deleted Comments Of The Week: You Sheeple Represent What Is Sad About America

We heard from the Usual Gang of Idiots this week, but sadly, not a one of them is smart enough to work for MAD magazine.

Donald Trump Rises Firm And Hard To Sue Artist Who Painted Him With Itty-Bitty Peener

If you've haunted the Interwebs regularly, you've probably already seen Los Angeles artist Illma Gore's now-infamous painting of a nude Donald Trump as a would-be emperor (and a less than impressively endowed one, at that) with no clothes on...
Watch out. Jessica's got her 'tired of your bullshit' face on.

Jessica Williams Talks To Gordon Klingenschmitt About Trans People Using The Terlet

Jessica Williams, one of the Daily Show's most effective weaponized comedic assets, gets sent on a search, mock, and destroy mission to take on the idiocy of "bathroom bills" like those recently passed in North Carolina and Mississippi,...

New York Times Says Wonkette Is The Banksy Of Internet Writing!

The New York Times stroked its Van Dijk and tugged at the black turtleneck layered underneath its Mao jacket. (The New York Times has trouble dressing itself.) The New York Times had a thought, and it was a thought...

Email From Your Crazy Uncle: Obama Welcomes ISIS Youth Groups To Michigan, Sure Why Not

Wow, did you hear the shocking news that Barack Obama used one of those unconstitutional executive order thingies to allow a "youth center" run by an open ISIS sympathizer to open in Dearborn, Michigan, which is full of radical...
Not a hate group leader.

Wingnuts Outraged Juggalos And Fox News Classified As Hate Groups, Except They Weren’t

When you are a wingnut, you know several things about life: Nobummer is a Muslin; you are NOT EITHER racist; and mean liberals call you a dumb bigot, just because you're a dumb bigot. They REALLY hate it when...
Finding this may have been the best part of writing this piece

Fine, Sure, Star Wars Is Muslim, Whatever. Live Long And Prosper, Weirdo.

CNN brought us a rather fun thinky piece Tuesday, making a case for the possible Islamic underpinnings of the Star Wars films -- except that it's not making that case at all, and is mostly an excuse for a...
Trump / Trump 2016!

Donald Trump Is The Family Values Candidate All His Ex-Wives Have Been Waiting For

Here is a thing we didn't really expect to see in 2015: a mainstream press article (sorta mainstream, at least -- CNBC.com isn't exactly a niche website like "Marine Propulsion News," whose newsletter we inexplicably got signed up for)...