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A Long Ass List Of Folks Who SHOULD NOT Look At The Eclipse Today. Dammit, Eric Trump, What’s Wrong With You?

The following people are dumb and might need to be reminded.

Jason Chaffetz Sure He’s As Clean As A Whistle, Because Of All These Enemas (He Said That)

How could Jason Chaffetz POSSIBLY have a secret scandal, when there are so many people cleaning out his butt every day?

Watch Your President Barry Bamz Obama Mock Whiny-Ass Republicans To Their Face

President Doesn't Give A Fuck is out there again, Not Giving A Fuck. He spoke Tuesday night at a DNC event, and what do you think was on his mind? Oh, just the Republicans and how they are hilariously...

After Obama Eats Hamburgers With Medvedev, Russian Spies Caught All Over America

Just days after Barack Obama took his "solid and reliable partner" Dmitry Medvedev out for hamburgers in Arlington, the Justice Department announced the breakup of a major Russian spy ring operating right there in Northern Virginia -- as well...

National Review Online and the Russians Suggest Nuking BP Oil Well

What's the best way to deal with an environmental disaster? If you're a National Review Online writer in June 2010 or, say, the Soviet Union three or four decades ago, the answer is simple: Drop a nuclear bomb on...

Russian Feeds Barack Obama To Mean Robot

It's a sad-ass day for America when the Secret Service lets this dirty old robot eat the country's first black president.

What Did Wingnuts Hate Before Obama? FDR, and the Russians!

Your editor was just reading (re-reading, actually) John Steinbeck's humorous snapshot of America in 1960, Travels With Charley. When your editor's lunch (beer) was done, the bookmark was placed between pages 110 and 111 of the Penguin "Steinbeck Centennial...