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The Week In Garbage Men: Love In The Time Of The Deplorables

And also this is your open thread!

Basket Of Deplorables Also Basket Of Unfuckables, According To Science

If the worst side effect of this administration, for you, is that you are having trouble getting a date -- you're miles ahead of the rest of us.

Idiot: Trump Won Because Liberals Chicks Won’t Bone Down With Jerk Republican Men

It is really hard to not see this whole thing as a very public beg for liberal women to fuck Jerrod Laber.

Manic Pixie Asshat Ends Piano Campaign To Win Back Girlfriend, Is Sorry You All Hate Romance

Because women made fun of him, and also because he got punched in the head.

A Gross Love Letter To The Mooch, From His Girlfriend Sara Benincasa


Hot New Dating Site Helps Gun Humpers Hump Other Gun Humpers

Gun lovers! Do you love the idea of a romantic first date at a coffee shop, but fear that the ladies you meet on Tinder may be put off when you show up with a ginormous assault rifle strapped...
That's yr gay Wonkette's niece. She's actually a wingnut, but her parents pose her for pictures like this.

A Sappy Love Letter From Your Gay Wonkette, About America Getting Gay Marriaged In The Butt

Thursday night, I sat in my parents' front yard just outside Memphis and looked at the house where I spent my teenage years. I wasn't intending to have either Poignant Thoughts or A Moment, I just wanted to smoke a...
"Honey, take a picture of me doing selfies with the poors!"

Aaron Schock Snuck Hot Male Personal Photographer On India Trip, How Romantic!

Rude journalists are just out for Illinois Congresscritter Aaron Schock's blood these days, scouring his Instagram for pictures that look like they came from sexy, unreported trips that the taxpayers might have bought for him, due to what seems to be...

Your Sweetheart Needs Scary Panties For Valentine’s

Wonkers, please to have your Official Reminder that if you want romantic panties (with teeth!) for your damsel for Valentine's Day, you must order them by anytime tomorrow (Thursday, we guess), in order to get them on time through...

SC Rep. Shares V-Day Tips on Twitter: ‘Why Not Tke Ur Girl To a Strip Club’

OOOH looks like Chuck Grassley has a little competish on the Twitters today in the illiterate Republican lawmaker category! South Carolina Rep. Thad Viers is going to get every straight dude in America laid on Valentine's Day, with his...

Michelle Obama Will Cure Your Obesity and Failing Love Life

As we all know, First Lady Michelle Obama is a style icon, a champion of healthy eating, and a superhero. But she is also an expert on love, especially when it comes to romancing President Barack Obama. And thanks...

World’s Sexiest Men Gather For Rush Limbaugh’s Fourth Wedding

Beloved American comedian Rush Limbaugh met a lady while he was divorcing his third wife a few years back, and now that new lady is Limbaugh's fourth wife. Exciting! But how do you make such a special once-every-couple-of-years event...