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Mike Huckabee Just Figures Kim Jong Un Hates Black Ladies Same Way He Does

When it comes to comedy, Mike Huckabee is definitely a former governor of Arkansas.
Still making with the funny!

Victoria Jackson Proves Obama Is A Muslim Again With Catchy New Song, Again

Wonkette frenemy Victoria Jackson asked a very important question the other day: "Is Obama a Muslim or a Jihadist?" Turns out that it was a trick question, because there's no real difference! The only thing remarkable about the post was...
It's funny 'cause feminists are fat ugly dykes who hate America!

Dana Loesch Destroys Feminism Forever, With Hilarious Rightwing ‘Comedy’ Video

Here's a thing that exists! Dana Loesch has a teevee show on Glenn Beck's cable/internet channel, and she does hilarious rightwing comedy on it! Remember how dumb feminist ladies thought that Jeopardy! was a tad sexist when it suggested that...

Koch Brothers Seek Comic Geniuses For Rightwing Improv Troupe

Well this sounds like a regular gut-buster of comedic hilarity: Koch Industries, the legitimate business side of Charles and David Koch's rightwing empire, is looking to put together an improv troupe, which ought to be just about the funniest...