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Deleted Comments: Kellyanne Conway Is Hot

Are Trump supporters becoming less articulate? Probably just a sampling quirk this week.

Jesus Idiot Knows Hillary Murdered Mike Flynn, Because He Knew About The Pizza Sex

Just another day in the devil-worshipping Luciferian demon-possessed salt mines.
What about Glenn Beck's future, huh?

Glenn Beck: Never Mind Saving America — Defeat Donald Trump To Save Glenn Beck!

The 'Casablanca' remake, with Glenn Beck as Victor Lazlo, should be epic.

This Pastor Wants To Show You His Penis At Target To Prove Other People Are Predators

Oh look, it's another TOTALLY NORMAL REACTION to how Target has issued a policy that says people can use whichever restroom matches their gender identity. We are beginning to wonder what wingnuts actually do in the bathroom, because for a...
Except for this one franchise! They love the gays!

Chick-Fil-A Fails To Meet 2015 Gay-Bashing Quotient. Fix It, Jesus!

Oh no! The wingnut gay-hatin' fans of Chick-fil-A, whose bodies are composed of 96 percent trans fat and 4 percent Jesus meat, are dripping lard lumps of rage all over their everywheres, because this one Chick-fil-A in Nashville did something nice for gays!...
it's a baby not a robot doll

Ex-Con Jim Bakker Says Planned Parenthood Sacrifices Babies For Satan, So That’s New

We have no idea how Jim Bakker returned to cable -- maybe he never went away -- but it is certainly a blessing from the Comedy Gods, because nobody does insane bullshit preacherman crazy like Bakker when his voice...

Gay-Hating Oregon Bakers Real Tired Of Getting Concentration Camped By Hitler

Ready for another dumb Hitler analogy, because this is the week where we do those? Let's get reacquainted with Aaron and Melissa Klein, who decided to be martyrs just like Jesus, by refusing to make a cake for a...
It's th' Pink Pony of the Apocalypse! Run for Your Lives!

The Bible Proves Obama’s The Antichrist, Again

Hope you enjoyed your Blood Moon this morning -- it's a sign of the Apocalypse! So is the fact that our morning bagel showed us a vision of Satan gnawing on the bones of the damned. But that could...
Don't be ridiculous -- Santa is white.

Very Credible ‘Former Jihadist’ Saw Barack Obama Kissing Muslim Claus In A Mosque On Christmas

In a revelation that will be shocking proof to at least 12 or 13 wingnuts who were genuinely undecided on the question, we learn that Barack Obama has to be a Muslim because on Christmas, he totally attended a mosque...

Radio Wingnut Kevin Swanson Explains How Demons Guided Mark Twain

Colorado radio preacher Kevin Swanson, the genius who determined that God sends wildfires to punish the multiple scourges of gay marriage, abortion, and women wearing pants, warned that the Boy Scouts will soon have merit badges for sodomy and...