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Republicans Pretty Sure Donald Trump Jr. Not Supposed To Talk To Russian Strangers

We would expect this from Eric but not from ... LOL J/K they're all stupid thugs, we expect it from all of them.
He gets cranky if there's no pudding

Thin-Skinned Baby Donald Trump Poops Diaper In Rage At Mean ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts

He probably 'regrets' saying all these things on Twitter now.

Tennessee Congressional Wannabe Will ‘Make America White Again’ Like On Nick At Nite

On the bright side, Rick Tyler is never getting his way, and will have to be miserable for the rest of his life because of it.

How Many Saviors Must Die For The Sins Of Evil Ted Cruz?

The fun thing about watching Republicans beat each other to death with their fists and their "brains" and whatever other blunt instruments are handy is that you don't even have to pick a side, because you hope they all lose. Take,...
Hey, that dude looks like Breitbart!

Ted Cruz Sorry For Saying Marco Rubio Hates Your Stupid Bible

Oh, goody, the 2016 presidential campaign has descended into that inevitable phase where one campaign accuses another of hatin' on the Holy Bible. Thanks to some really muddy audio in a short video clip of Marco Rubio encountering Ted...

Ted Cruz Campaign Casts Softcore Porn Performer In Ad, Then Yanks It

Ted Cruz's campaign accidentally went and hired a softcore porn performer for a recent ad touting his super-conservative values, even though the actress, Amy Lindsay, describes herself as a conservative Christian and a Republican. After it became aware of...
Hold on, hold on, still thinkin' ...

Ted Cruz Tossing A Fine Word Salad On Whether He’ll Enroll In Obamacare, Who Can Know? Not Him!

Remember when we all laughed and laughed and OMG LOL LIRL laughed so hard even more that Senator Ted Cruz was going to insure his family through the evil, illegal, immoral, jobs-killing, democracy-destroying Obamacare exchanges? Of course you do, it...

Gingrich Super PAC Head Rick Tyler: Democratic Party Aborts Black Babies

Rick Tyler, Newt Gingrich's former communications director and now the head of his super PAC Bloviating About Our Future, had/created a terrible time on MSNBC following Tuesday's primary in Florida. Rachel Maddow had Tyler on during her primary coverage...