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Facts all come with points of view / Facts don't do what I want them to

Ben Carson Spends $165,000 On ‘Lounge Furniture’ While Making Sure Poor Aren’t Too ‘Cozy’

This does not even include the $31,000 dining set.

New York Restaurateur Wishes ‘Servant’ Waitstaff Still Knew Their Place

He also forgot to pay his maid more than $5 an hour for 70 hours a week. Because he was TOO AWESOME.

I Also Need $190 Million To Live

We need to talk about the rich people.

Trump’s Iowa Supporters Dying Of Dumb-Gasms After Trump Says Something Dumb In Iowa

Trump loves the poor people and the poorly educated people! But EW GROSS NO, they cannot work for him.

Melania Trump Not Having Any Of Her Dumb Husband’s Shit

We wish we could all keep our distance from Trump as well as his wife does.

Red Bull Gives Internet Nazis Wings

This *might* be worse than that Pepsi thing, but who can really say.

‘Affluenza Teen’ Is Ready To Leave Icky Jail Now, Please And Thank You

He's the affluenza teen ... of our hearts!

Deleted Comments: I Do Not Understand The Sarcasim Of This Article

So little time, so much stupid!
Don't worry, Macaulay Culkin didn't do anything wrong!

Trump Idiot Knows The Very Rich Are Different From You And Me. They Are LOL MORE HONEST

Rich people are good, poor people are bad, THE END.

Trump Unveils Great Childcare Plan For People Who Can Already Afford Childcare

Because the government should pay for that silver spoon in their kid's mouth.
freedom is deader than this lawn

Rich A-Holes Guzzling California’s Last Drops Of Water Because ‘We’re Not All Equal’

You may have heard that California is all out of water. Again. This is a thing that happens frequently -- not because of abortion, or pagans, or Obama's policies on Israel -- but because the state is mostly a desert...

Kansas GOP Spends Four Days Failing Extra Hard, Takes Well-Earned Four Day Weekend

As the people of Kansas head into the long weekend, they should take a moment to give thanks that their elected representatives are so dedicated to serving their needs. The state's fiscal year is winding down and legislators are...
Sure why not?

Everyone’s Doing It In The Butt Now

At Salon, sex doctor Debby Herbenick writes about how buttsex is the new black. We don't know if we believe it (not that there's anything wrong with that!), but if it's on the internet, it must be true, we...

Adam Carolla, Who Hosts A Podcast For A Living, Thinks Poor People Are Lazy

Can you imagine being The Daily Caller (or any other conservative media outlet that is trying to be cool), and your biggest celebrity "get" is an extended interview with fading bully/outdated hair product connoisseur Adam Carolla? You'd milk that...

Rich Lady Calls Cops On Statue Of ‘Homeless Jesus’ For Some Reason That Will Definitely Make Sense

Let's be honest. There is a lot of bad public art, like the terrifyingly large Marilyn Monroe statue or the rictus death smile Henry Winkler one, but sometimes public art is cool and provocative but then when it is...