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Supreme Court Tells Pennsylvania GOP To Eat It, My, Isn’t That Sad

So unfair when Republicans can't draw their own districts as White Gun Jesus intended!


So, are the courts gonna fix this gerrymandering shit, or nah?

North Carolina’s New Dem Governor Not Taking Republicans’ Power Grab Crap

North Carolina's new governor seems to think he deserves the same power his Republican predecessor had. Isn't that cute?

Federal Court Won’t Let North Carolina’s Racially Gerrymandered Districts Stand, Man

Looks like there might be a down side to Republicans running wild with power. Who knew?
I'm Janet! I'm an asshole!

White Republican Congresslady Has Badass Idea For Getting Rid Of Black Congresslady

Wonkers, meet a nominee for the coveted Legislative Shitmuffin Of The Year prize. Her name is Rep. Janet Adkins, and she is a Republican congresslady from Florida. Is she a asshole? Well, if she kisses her own ass with...

Allen West: Tanning Tax Is ‘Racist,’ John Wayne Is ‘Watching Our Back’

Sarah Palin and Nikki Haley's calculated pick for vice president, Florida Rep. Allen West, currently has the fun task of trying to woo Florida Democrats thanks to redistricting laws that are magically moving his cheese around! So over the...

Michele Bachmann’s House No Longer In Michele Bachmann’s District

Here we were getting all excited about the consequences of Minnesota's new congressional map on Michele Bachmann's career, but alas, she's running away from her competition! The state has thrown Bachmann and veteran Democratic Rep. Betty McCollum's homes into...

Census Allocates 6 More Crazy Members of Congress To Florida, Texas

The 2010 Census results have come out, communistically, today, and according to The New York Times, "Bureau officials declared that the United States population had grown to 308,745,538 million over the last decade." 308,745,538 million? That is 308,745,538,000,000 people!...

Democrats To Make Michele Bachmann Vanish, With Maps

When Barack Obama reveals the census numbers on December 31, it will become clear just how many people have fled the sad, crumbling Midwest, which will result in many Congressional districts there ceasing to exist. Thus, the pathetic...

Introducing: Cartoon Violence

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