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Maybe Donald Trump Shouldn’t Have Handed China His County-By-County Electoral Map

When it comes to Chinese tariffs, Donald Trump is whining like a soy boy.

And The Red States Shall Lead Them — A Steaming Heap Of Bullshit From Flyover Prophet David Brooks

Let us dissect, examine and mock the New York Times's summary of this bullshit David Brooks thinkpiece.

GOP Sending Your Tax Money To Jesus Schools And Homeschoolers, Hooray!

Public education? What's that?

On Further Reflection, Steve Mnuchin Admits Tax Cuts Might Help Super-Rich After All

All the rich want is your fair share. Is that too much to ask?

Texas GOP Once Again Free To Fuck Houston In Ass, Now That TV Cameras Are Gone

BREAKING: Texas Republicans are some heartless sumbitches!

Donald Trump Believes In Integrity Of American Elections Won By Donald Trump

Donald Trump will be happy to accept the outcome of the election, if he wins!
Bill, you silver-tongued devil, you...

Bill Clinton Clarifies He Never Had Hate-Sex With Obamacare

Thanks a lot, Bill!

Your Senate Sunday: Florida’s U.S. Senate Race About As Screwy As Everything Else In Florida

Florida's having another election. Please tighten your safety belts and assume your crash positions.

Alabama’s Richard Shelby, In Office A Million Years, May Be Glued To Seat: Your Senate Sunday

Alabama's Richard Shelby has been in the U.S. Senate since the Reagan administration. That seems about long enough, don't you think?

Nice Time! Gay Syrian Refugee Pretty Darn Happy To Be In Boise. Yes, The One In Idaho

You need to start your Fourth Of July weekend with a happy story. WELL HERE YOU GO.
The fiddle is made of votes.

Could Hillary Clinton Win Georgia? Sure, Why Not, LOL

The third in our ongoing series on all the 57 states Hillary will win in November!
Which of these men would YOU rather hug?

Your Senate Sunday: Anybody But Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford (R – The Worst)

How do you solve a problem like Jim Lankford?

Can Either Of These Total Newbies Beat Loathsome Utah Teabagger Mike Lee? Your Senate Sunday

You know what would be cool? Utah -- for godssakes UTAH -- nominating the nation's first transgender major party candidate for Senate.
Help! Help! I'm Not Being Oppressed

New Governor Turning Louisiana Into Socialist Hellhole, With Healthcare

Man, Louisiana's shiny new Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards is not wasting any time cleaning up the big mess left by the last governor, Bobby Don't-Hyphenate-Me-Bro Jindal (R-Irrelevant And Soon Forgotten). Pro-life Jindal did everything he could to ensure the citizens of his...
Rachel's happy about the big desk

Morning Maddow: Is Obama Allowed To Be Feeling This Sassy? Pretty Much.

For Wednesday's Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel was still using the great big desk from Tuesday's State of the Union coverage, and she was pretty darn happy about having an extra day with it. It's like an extra day of...
Now they've even destroyed the sanctity of divorce

Gay Supreme Court Jams Gay Gay Marriage Down Red States’ Gay Gay Gay Throats (With Gayness)

The Supreme Court is sick and tired of your whining, red states, and does not even want to hear you cry about gay marriage anymore. The justices already told you your dumb marriage bans are dumb, and what part...