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Charlottesville Nazi ‘Commie Killer’ Cracker Goin’ The Fuck To Jail

Trump thinks he's some very fine people.

Let’s Drink The Sweet Delicious Nazi Tears About Meghan Markle, Queen Of You!

It’s a Blackpocalypse! Hug your white children.

Deleted Comments: Are All You Diversity Supremacists Inbread Or Just Jewish?

Oh, what a lovely little Shitferbrains we have for you today, Wonkers! It's full of some of the most original trolling we've ever seen, and... OK, actually, it's the same derp as ever, albeit with at one new attempt...

Just Some Domestic Terrorists Kidnapping Little Black Boys And Maybe Murdering Some Other Folks Is All

What the holy fuck? Did Get Out have a baby with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Dennis Prager’s Fake ‘University’ Is Back, Lying Like A Common Trump U

Unlike Trump University, Prager U lies to you for FREE.

Panicky White People Creating College Job Opportunities … For More Campus Cops!

Even better, they aren't hiring adjunct cops. Yet.

If People Calling You A Nazi Turns You Into A Nazi, The Nazi Was In You All Along

Saying being called 'alt-right' makes you want to join the 'alt-right' is like saying being called a 'shithead' makes you want a hat made of human feces.

John Kelly Says USA Has No Room For Illiterate Peasants, Didn’t Mean His Own Ancestors

He's not racist. He just wishes immigrants had the job skills America needs. Like being white.

Waffle House Didn’t Just Wake Up Racist Yesterday. It’s Got A (Jim Crow) HISTORY

Waffle House Is Such A Racist Fucking No-No

Oliver North Says You Are Being WORSE THAN JIM CROW To The Poor, Weak NRA

He is accusing gun control advocates of doing 'civil terrorism' to them.
A year is plenty of time to stop being poor.

Michigan To Poors: Get Jobs Or Lose Medicaid (Unless You Are White)

Michigan crafts its Medicaid work requirements VERY CAREFULLY so it doesn't affect white people at all.

We ALLLL In The Sunken Place

A Nice Lady is mad about some things.
Police beating a person.

Stop Calling The Police Because Black People Annoy You!

It's almost like money won't protect you if you're black.
She makes $100 million movies

Remember Those Black Teens Trump Wanted Executed? Netflix Remembers!

Who the fuck could possibly play Trump if he were lucky enough to be somehow included in this production that clearly does not need him one damn bit?