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‘Fox & Friends’ Morons Settle Question Of How Dumb Chicks Should Behave

Listen up, ladies, you are DOING IT ALL WRONG.

Here Is Where To Throw All Your Cash Money For #GivingTuesday (OW! OW! STOP IT! DON’T STOP!)


Oprah Would Like To ‘Splain Something To Dumb ‘Undecided’ Voters

Oprah explains that it doesn't matter if you *like* Hillary, because SHE AIN'T COMIN' TO YOUR HOUSE FOR DINNER!

Are The Orlando Gay Club Shootings About You, Or Should You STFU? A Wonksplainer

Good White Christian Americans need to step off and shut their yaps.

An Open Letter To Gawker, From Your Friend Wonkette

Dear Gawker, So, you removed that post. You know, the one about a married man (whose name we will not be mentioning) trying to score some hot gay sex on the sly, away from his wife's prying eyes -- or...

FAQ: How to Communicate Very Important Opinions to Your Congressperson

Congratulations, Libruls, you've passed your darling stimulus package, with all its concessions to ACORN and rat propagation and school construction. But do you know who is happiest today, their first day back to "work" after the passage of the...