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Former Gitmo Commander Who Called Prisoner Suicides ‘Asymetrical Warfare’ Named Ambassador To Australia

It is also quite possible that their deaths were not even suicides.

GOP Missouri Governor Eric Greitens Is A Blackmailing Adulterous Piece Of Shit, ALLEGEDLY

Look, another pervy dude in a position of power! WE ARE FOR SHOCKED.

Bannon Braintrust Picks Another Winner: This Actual Nazi To Primary Paul Ryan!

Shut up, Steve Bannon IS TOO a genius. Look at this cute lil' Nazi he found to run against Paul Ryan.

Worried About Leftists Running Imaginary Pedophile Rings? Don’t Kill Your Dad Over It!

Lane Davis made YouTube videos accusing 'leftists' of being pedophiles, then (allegedly) stabbed his father to death for being a 'leftist,' and obviously a pedophile.

Former Teacher Implores Nation To Look On The Sunny Side Of Slavery

Logic: If John C. Calhoun believed slavery was good, it must be true!

Trump Judge Pick Doesn’t Want To Give Impression He’s Some Kind Of Faggot

This racist birther freak DEFINITELY deserves a lifetime appointment to the federal bench.

‘Red Pill Libertarian’ VA House Candidate Hopes To Legalize Child Porn, Marital Rape, Is Lunatic

Also he went to jail for threatening to assassinate President Obama.

Confederacy-Humpin’ Lawmaker Beated His Wife, With ‘Morals’

Last year, this South Carolina lawmaker sent Confederate Christmas Cards. This year, he's getting arrested for domestic violence. HUH!

Team Of Evils: Michael Flynn’s Son (And Chief Of Staff!) Very Concerned About Dating Sites For White People

Meet Michael G. Flynn! A person who will soon have a lot of access to the White House! Nice!

Anti-Choice Weirdo Plans To Shower Hillary Clinton In Dead Fetuses

Shockingly, this is not actually a legal thing to do.

Donald Trump’s New BFF Thinks It’s Cool To Murder Abortion Doctors, Isn’t That Nice?

Let's get acquainted with Trump's new pal Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue!
He's kind of a pussy.

Donald Trump Hates This Stupid Mic, And He’s Gonna Kill It And Its Whole Stupid Family!

Donald Trump might have been born in the United States of the American United States, unlike some people ahem named Ted Cruz, but we must still question whether Trump is eligible to be president, since he is apparently six years old. During a...
Judge DePiazza

Nice Texas Judge Willing To Homo-Marry You If He Must, As Long As You Know He Hates You

Wow, are bigots still all kinds of butthurt that gay marriage -- or, as we call it nowadays, marriage -- is The Law? Apparently yes, even though that is SO last month! Some government employees whose jobs require them...

Jerkoff Tenn. Senator Calls Citizen A Cuss Just For Pointing Out He’s A Jerkoff And Hypocrite

Tennessee Republicans really don't want their citizens to have health care: On Tuesday night, a Tennessee Senate committee voted to deny some 280,000 state residents access to health care, rejecting a plan to expand Medicaid that would have cost the...
Man, proud man, Dress'd in a little brief authority

Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson Has Always Been Calm, Respectful Of Citizens

So with a decision (or more likely, a non-decision) coming soon from the grand jury tasked with finding Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson completely justified in shooting Michael Brown to death -- that is their job, right? --...