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Donald Trump Could Give Two Shits About Mexican Earthquake, Hurricane, Like You’d Expect

Someone please send him to charm school.
BFFs all the same

Wingnut Congressmen Have Little Tiff, Kiss And Make Up Because BENGHAZI!

There was Great Drama in the Halls of Congress yesterday, as ratfaced Steve Carell impersonator Darrell Issa was escorted out of a closed-door deposition of Hillary Clinton's pal Sidney Blumenthal in the endless House Select Committee on Benghazi, which...
We're pretty sure there's just not enough red dye for an entire iceberg.

‘Patriots’ Take Credit For Perfectly Routine Removal Of Chinese Flag, Save America From Communism!

Wonkette EXCLUSIVE must cite Wonkette!!! The Wingnuttosphere is full of excited stories about an absolute OUTRAGE that occurred last week, when the flag of COMMUNIST RED CHINA, our sworn enemy and trading partner, was flown in front of the...