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Ross Douthat Will Fuck You All Night Long, With His Throbbing Neckbeard

Oh yeah baby that is right, can he call you Chunky Reese Witherspoon?
Day One

Jesus-Approved Sexytime Turns Happy Virgin Men Into Sad Confused Husbands

Now here's a shocker: A new study finds that men who make "virginity pledges" get plenty of "social support to abstain from sex before the wedding night," but once they get married, they no longer feel comfortable talking about...

Utah Lege’s New Sex Ed Rules: Don’t Say Sex

Proving just how good sweet, sweet censorship can be, Utah's Legislature has passed new statewide sex-ed rules that ban teachers from discussing contraception, premarital sex, and teh Ghey, even when directly asked by "the children." Perhaps Utah, "The Land...

Happy Birthday, Betty Ford!