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Republicans Save Banks From Greedy Customers. THANK GOD!

Oh, look, Republicans are screwing everyday Americans to help the big banks. Boy are we astonished.

Republicans Trying To Drown Elizabeth Warren’s Consumer Protection Bureau, Again, Because Why Not

Oh, look, the Republicans are doing more Class War at us!
is this thing on?

Apple Gets Patent To Destroy Its Own Creation

Former startup Apple is valiantly sticking up for the entertainment industry with a new patent designed to thwart obnoxious iPhone recordings. Have to say, we can't think of anything that could go wrong with this technology in the hands of...

Elizabeth Warren Will Help The Post Office Kick Payday Lender Ass

Do you lurrrvvvveeeee Senator Elizabeth Warren, mostly because she looks like the awesome schoolmarm/librarian of your childhood dreams? Of course you do, silly. She's all the smart and fair fiscal and consumer policies you could ever want, rolled into...

Greedy Lawyers Victimize Hard-Working Bankers

This week, grasping racist trial lawyers (aka Obama's base) massacred our nation's most important job creators, predatory bankers. Gubmint lawyers (conflict of interest, much?) announced a $175 million settlement to be paid by the Wells Fargo Stagecoach & Freight...