'The Third of May 1808' by Francisco de Goya

Of Course Trump Loves This Fucking Bonkers NSC Memo Calling For Civil War

Let's really, really hope this is the most insane thing you read about today.

Clip And Save! It’s Your Splendid Lawsplainer Of The Muslim Ban And The Courts!

Why Is the Muslim Ban in All the Courts at Once? Let's Wonksplore!

Putin Tells Trump Not To Listen To Mean Old CIA. Wonkagenda for January 6, 2017

U.S. intel chiefs tell Senate about Russian hacking, Congress tries to pay for Trump's Wall, and Obama saves some more Alaska. Your morning news brief!

The Mantrumpian Candidate. Your Wonkagenda, Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trump's dirty money, Evan McMullin's robot problem, and Megyn Kelly's dead-end job! Your morning news brief!

Barack Obama’s Excellent South Asian Vacation!

Barack Obama is wrapping up his gnarly Vietnamese vacation. Wish we were there!

Beyonce And Barack Probably Le Boning, Says France

Remember back last week when we had some explosive totally fake news about how Big Bill Clinton totally did Elizabeth Hurley, but it was a lie from a completely drug-addled Tom Sizemore? Yeah, that is so over. The new...

Michelle Obama Terrifies Nation With Hippity-Hop Love Songs To Vegetables

We've known for years that FLOTUS and POTUS are wrecking everything good and true about America because of being blah, but we never thought that they could sink this low. We've had to endure the ignominy of Aretha Franklin...

CNN Issues List Of 10 Demands To President It Elected

BREAKING FUCKING NEWZ!!!1!!11!!! Your CNN.com has figured out ten things that Their Obamar must do (besides pooping, peeing, eating, sleeping, breathing, and jacking it Sally Draper-style while FLOTUS sleeps peacefully beside him) in the next ten weeks. Let us...