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Chief Narc Jeff Sessions To Lock YOU Up, For Doing Jazz And Reefer

Nobody likes a narc, Jeff.

SIXTY THREE People Arrested for ONE Bag of Weed In NOT AT ALL RACIST Party Bust

Bringing in 2018 with a bang AND a bust!

Malia Obama Spotted Inhaling Devil Drugs, Don’t Tell Her Mom And Dad!

Um, guys, can we let Malia Obama be a normal 18-year-old kid?

Transphobic Target Lady Is Here To Yell At Teenz About All Their Bathroom Sex And MTV

'Open Air Preacher' Angela Cummings is a sheer delight.

Stoners Do Good, Save All The Homelesses In Colorado With Their Pot Tax Dollars

Instead of paying money to send people to jail for possession, Aurora, Colorado is taxing it and then doing good stuff with the money.
Abbie Hoffman would be so disappointed

Clumsy Trump Protester Assaults Pavement With Own Face

The violence at Trump rallies took a surprising turn this week outside his rally in Janesville, Wisconsin. In addition to the still-unidentified (yes, still) jerk who pepper-sprayed a 15-year-old girl, we also have this indisputable proof that Both Sides...

Parents, It Is Unseemly To Brawl With One Another Over Easter Eggs

You know what kind of people are the literal worst? Parents. Now, we are sure that those among you who have spawned are protesting and saying no no no, perhaps OTHER breeding types are bad people but you yourself...

Pissed Off God Levels Toledo For Failing To Elect Prophetess Opal Covey Mayor

Hey, Toledo, whatcha doin? Not smoking legal pot? WE HEARD. And we also heard you had "reasons" for not legalizing it. Whatever, you do you, with your "principles." But we aren't even having this conversation right now, Toledo, because...
Thanks but no thanks

Ohio Squares Do Not Wish To Join Your Reefer Madness, America

Ohioans heeded the historically ineffective Just Say No advice of their Republican governor -- and, huh, one-time pot dealer to the Ronald Reagan campaign staff of '76, allegedly — John “Not Gonna Be President” Kasich, and voted against legalization...

Portland, Oregon, We Are In You. You Come To Our Party Now, Tonight!

Hi Portland, whatcha doing? Legalizing the pot like a common Coloradan? Well, I guess we will throw you a party then. How's tonight? Does tonight work for you? Shut up, yes it does. DON'T BE A DENVER and act like...
Fun at parties.

Jeb Bush’s Mother Disappointed But Not Surprised Son Is Drug-Smoking Loser

At the end of the debate Wednesday night, all the candidates were asking their moms' permission if they could PLEASE go do something together afterward, PLEASE? Donald Trump said everybody could crash at his house, and Marco Rubio and...
Have you ever REALLY LOOKED at your hand? Fascinating.

Does Weed Make You Skinny? Let’s Ask Science!

A new Canadian study seems to suggest that smoking marijuana like some kind of jazz criminal may prevent obesity and diabetes, at least among the Inuit population that was the subject of the study. Researchers at the Journal of...
Yeah, marijuana use is clearly the important part of this story.

Texas Says Sandra Bland Was Potted Up On Weed, Because That’s What Makes You Die

We're still not sure how Sandra Bland died. The dashcam video told us fuck all, although whatever happened off camera sure did sound violent! The state of Texas is saying that, based on preliminary autopsy results, she hanged herself...

Kids These Days So Lame They Don’t Even Get Potted Up On Legal Weed

We've been hearing the arguments for years from the Reefer Madness crowd: If you legalize drugs, then EVERYBODY will get potted up on weed, because removing the "forbidden fruit" aspect from things always makes them more appealing. Well it turns...
We trade weed for beer! It's like Settlers of Cattan, but more fun!

Vermont Heroes Taking Your Booze Hostage For Legal Weed

Some Vermont legislators have a pretty compelling argument: If the state won't legalize marijuana, then how about we prohibit all recreational drugs? State Reps. Jean O'Sullivan, a Democrat, and Christopher Pearson, a Progressive (really!), have filed a bill to...
The latest Stoned Pony

Suddenly Everyone* Wants To Legalize Weed (*Not Everyone)

To bring to life the old cliché that libertarians are just Republicans who want to get high, a couple of conservatives have unexpectedly supported various changes to marijuana laws this week. What's more, there's even a bill in the...