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H.R. McMaster Fires NSC Staffer For Being Too Breitbarty Even For Trump Administration

Funny how these Breitbart loons keep turning up in the administration, huh?
Bernie is Da Champ

HuffPo ‘Experimental Journalism’ Thing Breaks Our Brain, Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow!

We tackle an experiment in metamodern journalism about Bernie Sanders, and add some much needed Star Wars jokes.
Why be so hung up on symbols? Or for that matter, hang up symbols?

Georgia Gallery Owner Replaces Confederate Flag With Nazi Flag, That’s Better

A Macon, Georgia art gallery owner who had been flying a Confederate flag outside his business took the thing down Monday and replaced it with a WW II Nazi military flag, complete with swastika. Ah, but this is no...

Your Smile-Time Schadenfreude Headline Of The Day: Michele Bachmann Is ‘Very Proud’ That She ‘Didn’t Get Anything Wrong’ in GOP Primary Debates

Yes, she really said that. As CityPages' Aaron Rupar reports, the woman who the AP gave up on fact-checking because she "was so full of shit, the AP would've needed round-the-clock staff to check all the claims she made"...