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And Now For The Michael Cohen/Stormy Daniels/Michael Avenatti Porn Report!

We would watch that, we are just saying.

A Very Sober And Serious Lawsplainer Of Michael Cohen’s WORLD OF SHIT

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

Now For Sarah Huckabee Sanders With The Porn Report

What are the odds Daniels is the only one who got paid off?

How Many Laws Did Michael Cohen, President’s Lawyer, Break For Porn Star Payoff? Couple Few Maybe!

No, but seriously! WTF is wrong with Donald Trump's lawyers?

Wingnuts SO MAD That Scary Messican Didn’t Shoot The Pretty White Lady On Purpose!

Anti-immigrant loons know who killed this poor woman, and it is SAN FRANCISCO LIBERALS!

Oh Hey They Punched That Nazi Again

Punching Nazis: How often should you do it?

Yr Wonkette Does Not Advocate Punching Nazis. Except Maybe Just A Little.

Thank goodness we're finally addressing the pressing issue of Nazi-punching.

Some Guy Yelled At Ivanka Trump On A Plane And Everyone Is All OH MY STARS!

Should you yell at Ivanka Trump in front of her kids? Let's wonksplore!

Sociopath Revenge Porn Operator Can’t Believe Google Would Infringe On His Privacy :(

You know what's hard? Running a revenge-porn operation on the interwebs. Posting the pictures is easy, but did you know that the other half of the gig is the extortion part? Man, extortion is so hard to do without...

Sunday Bloody NYT Sunday: Special Lawyers, Guns, And Money Edition

Let's kick off today's NYT review with some chit-chat about guns, because there is never going to be a shortage of Second Amendment harpies shrieking that if they cannot carry a gun everywhere, all our freedoms will disappear. Today,...