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OK Everyone, You Punished Kathy Griffin Real Good, Now Shut The Fuck Up

Can this story be over now please?

Jeff Sessions Ain’t Know Why Y’all Think Texas Was Tryin’ To Discriminate When Racism Is Over And All

The Attorney General is a busy man, and voting rights don't interest him nearly as much as the crime wave we're not having.
You have the right to free speech as long as you're not dumb enough to actually try it.

Donald Trump Ready To Deport Sportsballer Colin Kaepernick For Anti-Flag Crimethink

America is a land of boundless freedom, as long as you don't say anything unkind about it in relation to the flag or national anthem.
Dear Editor: I have had it up to here with playing second fiddle to a bunch of stupid marshmallow horses...

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Poverty Is A Myth Because Poors Are Fat And Lazy

We got a bumper crop of idiots in the comments this week, for some reason -- our fault, really, since Yr Wonkette had to go and stir up trouble by writing stuff about the poors, the blacks, the gays,...
Fox & Klanz

Fox News ‘Psychiatrist’ Keith Ablow: COPS DON’T NEED TO CALM DOWN YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN!!!1!

Fox News resident Psychopath psychiatrist Keith Ablow has Thoughts on the murder of two policemen in New York City this weekend. (We're quite certain you were waiting to hear from him before deciding what you think of the horrific...
Back away, little pony. These are not nice people.

Derp Roundup: Fans Of Killer Cops Can Breathe Just Fine, Why Do You Ask?

Time for another roundup of the dumbest of the worst of the unfathomably stupid! We scrape the mishegas off our browser tabs, puree it into a frothy mess, and serve it up to you with a warning to not...