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Children’s Health Insurance Program Killed For This Year, But This Koch Heir Don’t Care!

You're going to need your pitchforks handy for this one.
breakout group 3 is the most interesting IMO

Save Us, Davos. You’re Our Only…Nope

Banksters, Davos, and this putz Andy Puzder. It's your Class War for the week!
Something like this.

Let’s Help Jesus Punish That Judge For Being Mean To Poor Kim Davis!

Pull out your pitchforks and trim your bushes, Christian warriors of God's love, it's time for some Crusades! How are we going to show everybody just how much Jesus loves the little children, all the little children of the...

Government Very Good At Keeping Secrets For Its Best Friends Forever, The Banks

This morning we bring you good news and bad news about the government's role in managing the ongoing financial crisis. Which do you want first? Hopefully it is the bad news because there isn't actually any good news --...

Poor Rich People Lost 25 Percent Of Their Speech In 2009

Poor rich people! The IRS recently released its latest annual analysis of the tax returns from the 400 filers with the highest adjusted gross incomes, and looks like they had 29% less income speech in 2009 than in 2008. From...

Tennessee Denies ‘Voting ID’ To 96-Year-Old Black Lady

Racist Republicans in Tennessee have their first success with the new "Voter ID" requirement: A 96-year-old black lady who has voted in all but one election (in 1960) that she was legally eligible to vote in has been denied...