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Bullets Trump Thoughts, Prayers. Again. Wonkagenda For Thurs., Feb. 15, 2018

Another mass school shooting, Grassley says the coverup part out loud, and Dreamers are hanging on the edge of forever. Your morning news brief.

We’ve Seen Trump’s Education Budget, And We’re Really Gonna Miss Public Schools

Huh. Guess we don't need no education, for reals.

Betsy DeVos’s Confirmation Hearing Was TOTAL SH*T SHOW, Let’s Laugh At It!

The Democrats were SO MEAN, and it was awesome.

Obama Proposes Free Community College; Will Terrify Wingnuts With Educated Populace

Now here's a nice thing if you're into "education" and "free stuff," which of course you are, because you're an over-educated socialist liberal. President Obama is heading to Tennessee today to announce a program that would provide qualified students...

Rich Lowry: When Will This Welfare Queen ‘Julia’ Get Off Head Start And Pell Grants?

Rich Lowry simply does not care for the Obama campaign's fictional "Julia." Julia begins her interaction with the welfare state as a little tot through the pre-kindergarten program Head Start. She then proceeds through all of life's important phases,...

University of Phoenix Founder Upset Obama Doesn’t Like His Fake School

The colleges use deceptive practices to lure homeless people, veterans and individuals who aren’t prepared for college into unsuitable courses in order to obtain tuition funded by grants and also by federal loans that students have trouble repaying, according...

R.I.P. SENATOR PELL: One of Rhode Island's awesomest former senators has died at the age of 90. Claiborne Pell was a big fat liberal and a millionaire who was obsessed with UFOs and jogged around Newport in his old...