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Thank God Trump Here To Help The Real Victims: Payday Lenders Charging You One Thousand Percent

In Trump's America, regulators help loan sharks consume YOU.

Republicans Save Banks From Greedy Customers. THANK GOD!

Oh, look, Republicans are screwing everyday Americans to help the big banks. Boy are we astonished.
i guess we can regulate the shitbirds but i don't have to like it

DNC Chair Day Late And Dollar Short On Regulating Payday Lenders, Now Owes $300?

Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz missed the boat on regulating payday loans. Now the loan company is going to take her boat.
i didn't do it. seriously.

Cool Down From Your Next Payless-Shoe-Fire With A Frosty Mug Of America

It's your week in tales from the CLASS WAR! What are those hero corporate persons up to this week??? You know, some stuff.

Obama Endorses Debbie Wasserman Schultz Over Hot Guy. Wonkette Respectfully Disagrees

Remember when we all liked Debbie Wasserman Schultz? She was so sassy, such a spitfire, hadn't tried to fuck Elizabeth Warren's consumer protection agency even once! Well, those days are looooong gone. Except in the White House, apparently, where...

Elizabeth Warren Is Our 2014 Legislative Badass Of The Year, Obviously Duh

How much do we heart the senator and perfessor of Massachusetts, the greatest and bestest Elizabeth Warren who ever Elizabeth Warrened? Pretty much all. Sure, there are a few -- a very few -- non-Elizabeth Warrens in the Senate...

Gun Dealers, Porn Stars & Payday Lenders: Darrell Issa’s Sexy Summer Break

If you are a DC politician, you are duty-bound to spend as much of the summer outside the city as possible. If you're stuck in the swamp, you can at least take advantage of the hollowed-out Capitol and switch...

Elizabeth Warren Will Help The Post Office Kick Payday Lender Ass

Do you lurrrvvvveeeee Senator Elizabeth Warren, mostly because she looks like the awesome schoolmarm/librarian of your childhood dreams? Of course you do, silly. She's all the smart and fair fiscal and consumer policies you could ever want, rolled into...