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Trump’s Opioid ‘Plan’: First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Drug Dealers

Donald Trump has an answer for every problem, and it usually involves brutality.

Jeff Sessions Is Making Reefer Madness Great Again

Drugs are bad! Mmmmmkay?
i mean it's not 'grab em by the pussy' but still...

AT&T Loves America So Much It’s Selling Customers’ Privacy Straight To Law Enforcement

AT&T helps law enforcement reach out and touch someone without warrants -- and you help pay for it!

We Are All Junkie Heroin Dope Fiend Smackheads Now, Thanks Obama

Resting rage face Gov. Chris Christie -- who is not going to be president; hell, he'll be lucky if he makes the cut for the next debate -- has a new ad. And yes, it is mildly amusing in its near-but-not-quite completeness of...

Recession Drags On & Crime Keeps Falling, Because America Is Too Fat

For the third straight year, even as the Great Recession pummels ever more people into poverty, the national crime rate has dropped. Murder, rape, burglary -- almost every kind of criminality has fallen, with the rate of violent crime...