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Those are my juniper bushes! Clear off!

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Solves All His Problems With One Weird Trick: Will Never Talk To Press Again

Maine Gov. Paul LePage has vowed to never ever ever speak to reporters again, and possibly to hold his breath until he turns sane.

Sam Alito Not Going To State of the Union If He Can’t Yell At Obama

Samuel Alito is never going to a State of the Union address ever again, because he found out people don't like it when Supreme Court justices disagree outwardly with stuff the president says, like he did at the last...

Shep Smith ‘Goes Rogue’ Again, Loudly, Profanely, Heroically

Oh Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, this is so dreamy, the way you yell at the man who loves torturing people. You will probably be fired -- not for cursing, but for questioning the awesomeness of torture -- but...