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Alex Jones And Guest Yell At David Letterman For Thing David Letterman Didn’t Say About Las Vegas

Also, SNL is a 'psy-op.' The secret coded spy messages all run after 'Weekend Update,' when no one's watching.

LAS VEGAS HORROR. Wonkagenda For Mon., Oct. 2, 2017

If we cover another story today, it'll probably be Puerto Rico. Otherwise, here are some things that *would* have been news today. Your morning news brief!

Joe And Mika Officially Dumping Donald Trump Like The Filth He Is

It was a beautiful marriage, but it had to end eventually.

Megyn Kelly Shouting Match On Racism With D.L. Hughley Does Not Go Well, For Megyn Kelly

Why does D.L. Hughley have to keep saying racist things are racist? IT'S UNFAIR!

Ben Carson: Aren’t We All Criminals, Just A Little Bit?

OMG WE MISS BEN CARSON SO MUCH. Whereas he used to give us a Nugget Of Idiot like every two hours when he was running for president, now that he's just a lowly Donald Trump surrogate, we have to...
How good do you heart America?

Take This Quiz To Find Out If You’re A Real Conservative Or A Stupid Liberal Who Hates America

Ever wondered if you are a Smart Conservative or a total America-hating idiot? Probably not, but just in case you're confused, the folks at the National Center for Public Policy Research -- who, apparently, are not in any way...

Sportsball Player Aaron Hernandez Just Can’t Stop Allegedly Murdering People

Aaron Hernandez looks like a really good football sportsball star, with many awards that are nothing but letters (SEC! AFC! BCS!) that show he was well-regarded in college and his career with the New England Patriots. However, it seems...

Better Yet, Chuck Grassley, Why Isn’t O.J. Simpson In Guantanamo Right Now?

We haven't been hearing much from everyone's favorite wacky Iowan coot, Senator Chuck Grassley, ever since the Senate Finance Committee passed its health care bill without any help or input whatsoever from the "chief Republican negotiator," who was busy...

Conviction Of Violent Creep O.J. Simpson Advances The Cause Of Racial Justice

O.J. Simpson did exactly two admirable things in his life: he played football well, and he was in The Towering Inferno. Besides that he was a completely unhinged wife-beating and likely double-homiciding egomaniacal lunatic with impulse-control problems. If you...

Finally, Finally, McCain Campaign Compares Obama To O.J. Simpson

John McCain and his loser friends are all racists, which we know because they made an ad with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton but not Brad Pitt, Tiger Woods, David Beckham or The Police. Can you even believe it....