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Christopher Steele Stopped Telling FBI About Trump-Russia Conspiracy Because THE NEW YORK TIMES SUCKS BALLS


We Broke Erica Garner’s Heart

We are sorry with all of ours.


Let's talk about sadistic Blackwater creep Erik Prince and his secret back-door meetings with the Trump transition!

‘Morning Joe’ Can’t Stop LOLing At Dumbass Blackwater Liar Erik Prince! Tee Hee Hee!

Joe and Mika have HAD IT with Trumpers and their lying.

New York City Spending One Million A Day To Protect Donald Trump, But It’s Cool Because He’s Not Black

Donald Trump doesn't much care for the cow town of Washington DC. He likes New York City, because it is full of culture and golden toilets. New York City does not particularly return his affection. VIDEO: Donald Trump gets booed...

Donald Trump Just As Excited About Chelsea Bombing As You’d Imagine

Trump's probably pretty sure this is good news for Trump!
Calling occupants of interplanetary craft...

So Who Else Got Shot By Cops This Weekend? And Who Said Stupid Sh*t About it?

Well dear Christ, what a fine little roundup of horrors we have for you this time. Please provide your own kittens. Houston: Hands Up? Maybe. Shot? Definitely. In Houston early Saturday morning, police shot a black man, Alva Braziel, who was...
Let's be hairful out there

Poor Donald Trump Wasn’t Allowed To Cosplay Like He Was A Cop At NYPD

Donald Trump really wanted to address a roll call at an NYPD precinct the day after the Dallas killings, and then maybe sit in a squad car and make the siren go.
Kam Brock. She says she has a BMW. She does have a BMW. What a headcase!

Black Lady Sent To Mental Hospital For Saying She Drives A BMW. Whatever, Crazy Lady!

Oh hi, we are here with another dispatch from America, land of the Racism Is Totally Over, Yep, You Bet. It's a story as old as Phyllis Schlafly. Black lady by the name of Kamilah Brock ("Kam" for short)...
Did anyone order a COMPANION?

Obvious Gay Hooker Service Raided For Being Obvious Gay Hooker Service

Being a gay hooker is illegal in U.S. America, except for in parts of Nevada or whatever. It's not the "gay" part that's illegal, otherwise we'd all be outlaws! We're not here to debate whether hooking should be legalized or...
Oh you mean there's a rule against that?

New York Cops Just Tidying Up Wikipedia, Like They Did Times Square!

Everyone hates when the internet says mean things about them or posts pictures or videos of them doing unflattering things -- like making weird sex faces, for example, or choking a man to death right there on the street....

Surprise! Justice Scalia Is Biggest Jerk On The Court

A smart-ass law professor decided to do A Serious Study on Supreme Court justices and sarcasm. You'll never guess who wins The Most Sarcastic Justice award: Justice Scalia is the most sarcastic Justice on the Supreme Court. He has been...
Not actual NYPD officers

NYPD Making Friends And Influencing People, Except The Opposite Of That

New York cops may want to rethink whether they were making friends and influencing people when they turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio at funerals of two murdered NYPD officers. A new Quinnipiac University poll of New...

Cop Fight! NYPD Battles Itself As Union Meeting Descends Into Fisticuffs

Antun's is a classy joint in Queens that normally specializes in sweet 16 parties and bedazzled weddings. Yesterday, however, this fine establishment played host to a meeting of the NYPD's Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, and things escalated quickly! Worst of...
Everyone in the photos behind me would slap me if they heard what I'm saying. Joke's on them -- theyr'e dead!

NYPD Union Seeks Advice On Racism From Terribly Sane Pastor Who Loves Segregation

This ought to go well. Since the NYPD is still feeling most butthurt indeed that Mayor Bill de Blasio hasn't yet fired his black son or burned his wife's wardrobe, some of the city's finest are looking to other...

NYC Mayor’s Wife Wore Old Dungarees To NYPD Funeral, Says Everyone On The Facebooks

Mayor Bill de Blasio, he's got a problem with the Rank and File because he won't let them stop all the black men and pat down their genitals for being OBVIOUS CRIMERS. (Yes, we know we have a dangling...