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Stupidest White House Correspondent On Internet Tells Native Americans To Go Back To Mexico

There's stupid, and then there's Gateway Pundit Stupid.

ND Reps Vote Down Blue Laws Repeal So Their Wives Will Make Them Breakfast In Bed

Also so they can have a half a day without their wives spending all their money on new hats.

Guest Post From A Minnesota Lawyer Knee-Deep In The Refugee Ban Sh*t

Hey, just asking: Is DHS acting, you know, 'legally' by ignoring a judge's orders?

Trump’s Cabinet: ROUND 2! Wonkagenda for Tues., Jan. 17, 2017

MORE Trump confirmation hearings, the U.K. uses the pull out method, and Yr Wonket wonders what Trump's bible looks like. Your morning news brief!

Well Of Course Donald Trump Stands To Make Money From Dakota Pipeline. Stop Acting Surprised!

Protests against Big Oil? How quaint.
North Dakota troublemakers still making trouble

Good News! ‘Democracy Now!’ Host Amy Goodman Won’t Go To Jail For Doing Reporter Stuff

Stupid First Amendment even covers troublemaking journalists. Who knew?
North Dakota troublemakers still making trouble

Pipeline Goons Sic Dogs On Native American Protesters, Because America

Silly Lakota people, thinking it's 'their' land.

Your Senate Sunday: What’s The Deal With The Dakotas? Do We Really Need Two?

This week's profile of 2016's U.S. Senate races is chock full of Dakotas. Sorry, not the Fanning girl.

This Day In History: Hillary Clinton Concedes To Obama. Is That Subtle Enough?

In 2008, Hillary did the right thing and conceded to Obama. In 2016, the high-heel lady shoe is on the other foot.
Haw haw, fuck you, Earth!

Donald Trump Knows Less About Energy Than Sarah Palin Does. Let That Sink In

Donald Trump just loves coal and oil, they're just tremendous and terrific. YOOOGE.
Won't you hear his PLE?

White Power Idiot’s New Plan To Buy Tiny Town For Aryan Paradise May Still Have Some Kinks

Oh great, the White Power Ranger who failed miserably in his attempt to turn Leith, North Dakota (population 19), into a white-supremacist enclave, is back! Craig Cobb is out of jail with a totally different strategy: This time, instead of trying...

Family Values Republicans Just Fine With Gross Duggar Family Sex-Criming

Are we even remotely surprised that the oh-so-holy Family ValuesTM Duggars have been keeping a dirty secret about that time Josh Duggar repeatedly molested his sisters, and his parents knew and did not do a goddamned thing about it, except...

Anti-Gay North Dakota State Rep Caught Sending Dick Pics On The Grindr, Surprise LOL

America, meet your newest closet case anti-gay Republican lawmaker! He's a North Dakota state representative, and he is not in the closet anymore, due to the fact that he's been outed for voting against SB 2279, a routine bill designed...
Oh, that North Dakota Oil Boom

Exploding Train Brings Fresh Infusion Of Burning Toxic Sludge To West Virginia

This post sponsored by a grant from the Patty Dumpling Endowed Chair for coverage of oil spills, pipeline disasters, oil train explosions, and ironic locales If nothing else, you have to appreciate the poetry of where the latest oil train...
Screw you, huddled masses.

Judge To Obama: Stop Letting In All Those Immigrants Who Are Already Here!

Wednesday was supposed to be the day President Obama officially rolled out the Kenyan welcome mat for all them illegals who've already snuck across our border to infect us with diseases and their strange foreign languages. But oh no,...