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One Year Later. Wonkagenda For Wed., May 16, 2018

Michael Cohen's got a BIG problem, it's military warehouses for kids at the border, and the #Vagenda claims another big victory. Your morning news brief.

It’s Getting Hot In Herre! (Don’t Take Off All Your Clothes.) Wonkagenda For Wed., Jan 10, 2018

Trump-Russia gets WEIRDER, North Carolina is gerrymandered AF, and Ryan Zinke decides not to screw Florida with big, fat, oil rigs. Your morning news brief.

Trump Amputates Healthcare For Poors. Wonkagenda For Fri., Oct. 13, 2017

Trump breaks healthcare, Ryan Zinke flies his own freaky corrupt flag, and Wilbur Ross will shove Trump Tax Cuts (For Rich People Only) down your throat. Your morning news brief.

Border Patrol Knows What Is Important During Hurricane Harvey Evacuation: DEPORTIN’ MESSICANS, YEEHAW!

A little old hurricane evacuation is no reason to stop deporting people.

Trump’s LOW RATINGS Attention Grab. Wonkagenda For Wed., Jan. 25, 2017

Trump threatens Chicago, science geeks protect their pockets, and Republicans plot what to burn next. Your morning news brief!
It's Banksy, in a canal, with a spray can.

House Science Committee Celebrates Death Of Facts By Retweeting Fake Breitbart Climate Article

What's that? The House Science Committee retweeted Breitbart? Honey, it IS Breitbart.
oh dear

Poor Exxon Finds Congressional White Knight To Take On Government Bullies

Thank God this nice congressman will fight off the scientists pretending global warming 'exists.'
This 'sand'? It's all POWDERED FETUSES!

California Lady Lawmaker Knows What Causes Droughts, And It Is Abortion

Though they may never accept evolution, let it never be said that rightwingers never let their thinking on critical issues evolve. Take, for instance (please!) California Assemblywoman Shannon Grove, who used to believe California's drought was caused by environmentalists giving...
Go home, Celestia, you're drunk

Deleted Comments: This One’s About Vaccines And Vaginas!

Oh, Wonkers, we have some beautiful deletia for you this week! Looks to us like some people have really been working overtime in the Derp Mines to bring us this fine assortment of stupidity. For starters, we have this...
Among climate deniers, these are usually in a twist.

Climate Scientists Do Normal Science Thing, Proving Global Warming A Total Hoax

Well, here's a hell of a surprise. Fox News has presented a misleading story bout climate science! Yes, you may want to sit down before reading any further! Media Matters does the heavy lifting on this one, tracing how one...
We'd watch this, actually

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Now In Charge Of Murdering Science In The Senate

It's a great day to not believe in science, America! Sen. John Thune, chair of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, has picked the perfect heads for two science subcommittees: Ted Cruz, who doesn't like NASA doing science...
A bigger boat

Science Nice Time: Navy Honors Sally Ride With A Research Vessel. Sadly, It Is Not A Spaceship

Here's some nifty sciencey Nice Time for you people on a Monday when the world is looking a tad bleakish: The U.S. Navy has honored America's first woman in space, christening its newest research ship after the late astronaut...

Kiss Your Precious ‘Experiments’ And ‘Research’ Goodbye, Eggheads: A Government Shutdown Edition Of Your Sci-Blog

Hi, Wonkeratti. It's time once again for another infuriating Wonkette Sci-Blog. Sharpen your pitchforks, grab a torch and come on in. The very first Wonkette hotline tip I got on Monday was a forwarded link.  Just from reading the text...

Fox News Does Its Part In War On Science, Demands ‘Recount’ Of Weather Temperatures

Oh good, Fox News, critical thinkers that they are, are DETERMINED to bring you the truth about so-called "climate change," which may or may not be real given that "some people" continue to point out that it is just...