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Fire, Fury And Quite Frankly Kittens. You Need Kittens Right Now.

It's too early to panic. Maybe when he starts talking about launching us on the Great Journey to the Stars ...
i am sad and sleepy

Newt Gingrich FURIOUS Special Prosecutor Is Hiring Best People. Here’s Some Idiots Instead!

Why isn't Robert Mueller hiring GOOD PEOPLE, like those Fox News judges or Orly Taitz?

Congress Wants Trump’s ‘Tapes,’ If There Are Any ‘Tapes’ (Are There ‘Tapes’?)

It's like 1974 all over again! Do we need to buy Harvest Gold kitchen appliances?

Is Donald Trump Recording People Like A Common Nixon?

He likes to watch.

Donald Trump’s ‘Approval Rating’ Not The Smallest One America Has Ever Seen, But … Uh … LOL!

Trump is less popular than George W. Bush during Katrina, anal fissures and Comcast. #WINNING

Let’s Watch Hillary Clinton, Cry Like A Girl

We're not crying, you're crying.

Even George W. Bush’s Favorite Torture Boy Thinks Donald Trump Is Like WHOA BAD CRAZY

JOHN YOO! Even JOHN YOO thinks Trump is unfit to be president.
Wait, she lets her kid stand WHERE?

Wonkagenda: Friday, October 7, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!
Been a while. We missed this one.

Alex Jones Won’t Be Fooled When Hillary Clinton Tries To Assassinate Herself


Alex Jones, Roger Stone And Cenk Uygur Come Near To Fisticuffs To Decide Biggest Asshole

Trump/Nixonian hatchet-man organizes fight between man-babies backstage at the RNC.

Cleveland’s Big, Gay Trumpkin Party Will Be Full Of Hate, Hair, And Pamela Geller

Dead Breitbart's fabulous Trumpkin poster child for lady hating, Milo Yiannopoulos, will be using Cleveland to gather a cadre of D-List Bond villains to remind the world that they're here, they're queer, and they have enough white power to...

Vodkagate Hack Exposes Democrat Plot To Accurately Describe Donald Trump

So, the dirt file on Donald Trump that some Russian hackers stole from the Democratic National Committee has supposedly come to light, and it is a shocking exposé of depravity, violence and sex. No, wait, sorry, we're thinking of...
Turn that poo-face upside down, Sarah.

The Sarah Palin Fartknocker Report: Sarah Tells You The Truth So You Can Tell The Truth Back To Sarah

This is the third in a series of posts made by possible by a generous contribution from The Fartknocker Institute for Sarah Palin Studies. The Sarah Palin Channel continues to take the conservative derp-o-sphere by storm, with her recent...

ABC Reporter Worries Whether Constitution Allows President To Be Interviewed By Comedians

ABC News Professional Journalist Jim Avila had some very serious questions for White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today about Barack Obama's brief interview with comedy human Zach Galifianakis. Avila seemed really worried about it, if none too lucid: "How...