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Donald Trump Just As Excited About Chelsea Bombing As You’d Imagine

Trump's probably pretty sure this is good news for Trump!
Kam Brock. She says she has a BMW. She does have a BMW. What a headcase!

Black Lady Sent To Mental Hospital For Saying She Drives A BMW. Whatever, Crazy Lady!

Oh hi, we are here with another dispatch from America, land of the Racism Is Totally Over, Yep, You Bet. It's a story as old as Phyllis Schlafly. Black lady by the name of Kamilah Brock ("Kam" for short)...
Oh you mean there's a rule against that?

New York Cops Just Tidying Up Wikipedia, Like They Did Times Square!

Everyone hates when the internet says mean things about them or posts pictures or videos of them doing unflattering things -- like making weird sex faces, for example, or choking a man to death right there on the street....
That's some fine police work, Lou.

Grand Jury Lets Cop Choke Guy To Death Because Everything Is Terrible

Today is a day ending in “y,” so a grand jury in America declined to indict a police officer in the death of an unarmed black man. No, not that one. Or that one. This one. A Staten Island grand...