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Alex Jones Knows Deep State Is Boning The Stock Market To Make Trump Look Like Big Stupid Dumbass

Stop being naughty, Deep State, you stop it RIGHT NOW!

Wonkette Hereby Applies For Job On Sexcellent InfoWars Alex Jones Team Of ‘Elites’

Do you think Wonkette has what it takes? Can't hurt to try!

Idiots: Hurricane Harvey Caused By Lesbians Witches Katy Perry Abortion Illuminati And Democrats, But NOT CLIMATE CHANGE!!1!

If you've been wondering how this all might be Katy Perry's fault, you have come to the right place.
Princess Sunbutt Will Rise Again!

Deleted Comments: Yankees Too Dumb To Know They Stoled Old Glory From The Confederate Flag!

It's hard to keep a proud neo-Confederate down -- or out of the comments on an article from two years ago.

Alex Jones Batshit, Naked And Full Of Chili. Now Can He Have His Kids?


David Duke Almost As Good At Debates As Donald Trump!

David Duke doesn't hate ALL Jews. Just the ones who are in on the conspiracy.
He gets cranky if there's no pudding

Pussy Donald Trump Already Complaining Debate Was #Rigged

Nobody saw this coming, wait yes we did.

Donald Trump To Blame Mexican For All His Pussy-Grabbing Problems

OBVIOUSLY it was the Mexicans. And the Jews. And the bankers. And the globalists. And the media. And Hillary Clinton. And ...
It's not the Bilberberger that'll get you. It's the secret sauce. Which is made of PEOPLE!

Alex Jones Rants About She-Devil Globalist Witch Angelina Jolie, In Better Times

Brangelina is no more. Try some Alexina Jonelie instead.

Breitbart’s Milo Knows How To Make Women Happy, And It Is By Uninventing Washing Machines

The womenfolk shall be made happy by force, if necessary.
The Sarah Palin Farknocker Report, Presented By Fartknocker

Sarah Palin Excited Enough About Brexit To Name Her Next Child After It

Sarah is so happy the UK stopped the One World Government in its tracks.

Illuminati Using Britney Spears To Turn Your Daughters Into Prostitutes, Says Reasonable Human

'Reasonable human,' by the way, also hopes Donald Trump becomes president.

President Obama Cries Like A Drunk Ex-Speaker Over Dead Kids, What A Pussy

It's National Gun-Grabbin' Day, with President Obama finally -- finally! -- delivering the tyranny we've all been waiting for. During his speech at the White House (so typical of him, acting like he's got a right to sully the White House with...

How Is Barack Obama Taking All Your Guns Away Today?

It's been a long seven years of waiting, but maybe, just maybe, this time Barack Obama will finally get around to confiscating all of America's guns. He's been busy selling us out to ISIS, Iran, George Soros, Mexico, and...

The Snake Oil Bulletin: Let’s Slut It Up With Some Hot Hugging Action!

Are you ready again for your weekly dose of scammery and flimflammery to wash away all those good feelings you've built up over the week? Then welcome again to the Snake Oil Bulletin! Greetings to you, sinners! And a special...

WND Writer Figures Out Democrats’ Secret Plan To Chaos America Right Into A New World Order

You guys, David Kupelian over at WND has eavesdropped on the secret No Republicans Allowed treehouse and figured out all of the Democrats' evil plans! We are so busted. He knows that the entire point of Obamacare and really...