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The Dark Knight has a lot of problems with you NRA people

ACLU: No Bringing Guns To A Free Speech Fight

Winning an argument with a gun is cheating.

Let Donald Trump’s Lawyer Explain You Why Dead Loser Slaver-Traitor Robert E. Lee Is Your Real Dad

Someone is wrong on the internet, and it's the president's lawyer.

Hey Stupid CEOs, Donald Trump Never Needed You Anyway!

This is Trump's best move since firing NBC from covering the Miss Universe pageant.

Richmond, Virginia, To Fact-Check Fake News (On Confederate Monuments)

Context has a liberal bias.

Alt-White Dipwad Richard Spencer Leads Candlelight Vigil For Confederates’ Hurt Feelings

'Alt-right' wingnuts had a hunka-hunka burnin' love for a Robert E. Lee statue in Virginia. Their ardor was soon extinguished.
Just what we need: Dudebro fascists

Cuddly, Fresh-Faced White Supremacist Will Make Montana Great Again, Yes Siree

Oh great, now we've got millennial white supremacists. And in Montana, one's going to be an actual Republican nominee for the state legislature.

Montana School Gets Black Student, Morons Get Racist, School Bans Confederate Flags

A high school in the tiny Montana town of Livingston (population 7,044) has banned the Confederate flag from school property after the school enrolled its one and only black student. Get ready for the predictable shitstorm of butthurt neo-Confederate...
May not be negotiable outside LOS meetings

Fired White Supremacist Cop Seeks Confederate Support (U.S. Currency Only)

Last week we brought you the story of two cops in Anniston, Alabama, who lost their jobs with the police force because of their involvement with the racist neo-Confederate group the League of the South. One, Lt. Wayne Brown,...
Thank goodness racism is over

Alabama Cops Suspended Just For Being In Neo-Confederate Hate Group. How Is That Fair? (UPDATED)

Oh, look, it's more Not Racial Transcendence, in a story that might have been huge if it hadn't been overshadowed by Wednesday's massacre in Charleston. Two cops in Anniston, Alabama, have been suspended after being outed as members...
Yeah, yeah, noble cause. Freaking slavers.

It’s Appomattox Day. The South Lost. Deal With It.

One hundred fifty years ago today, the American Civil War ended with Robert E. Lee's surrender to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House, which wasn't a courthouse but a town named after a court house, and the actual...

Mississippi Senate Candidate Just Can’t Quit All These Neo-Confederates

Chris McDaniel is just a good ol' Constitutional Conservative who has addressed a conference held by a neo-Confederate group that thinks secession would be a nifty idea. McDaniel, a state senator who's pursuing a primary challenge to incumbent Sen....

League Of The South President Not Worried That Blacks Might Oppose Secession, Since They Won’t Be Allowed To Vote Anyway

Well it seems that our old frenemies in the neo-Confederate League of the South had their big protest to save Southern womanhood from immigrant blackamoors or whatever a week or so back -- not surprisingly, it drew more counter-protesters...
Princess Sunbutt Will Rise Again!

Deleted Comments Of The Day: The ‘League Of The South’ May Never Love Us, We Fear

We will give the Angry Southerners of the Neo-Confederate "League of the South" credit for this much: They are persistent! As we mentioned in our last Deleted Comments Roundup, they were not pleased at all with our coverage...

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Yr Wonkette Stands Accused Of Advocating ‘Southern Genocide’

Oh, land's sakes, we have gone and done it now! We went and insulted the sacred honor of Southern Manhood, and now we are hearing from some VERY butthurt neo-Confederates who would just like us to know that a...