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TEN U.S. Officials Say Trump A Big Fat Lying Liar Who Lies About Clusterfuque Yemen Raid

Donald Trump is still deciding whether the Yemen raid falls under 'Feather in my Cap!' or 'Big Black Eye!'

Who’ll Leak The Leakers! Wonkagenda For Mon., Feb 27, 2016

Still no 'replace' in 'repeal and,' Sean Spicer's phone problems, and Little Marco explains why he's so damn spineless! Your morning news brief!

Sean Spicer: Criticizing Trump’s Yemen Clusterfuck Means You Piss On Dead Troops

Definitely sick of all the winning.

Everything Went Wrong In Trump’s Clusterf*ck Yemen Raid. Let’s Blame Hillary Clinton!

Somebody needs to get Jason Chaffetz investigating this right away.

War With Mexico? Ai Yi Yi! Wonkagenda For Thurs., Feb. 2, 2017

Trump insults Australia, Betsy DeVos might fail, and oh, we're going to war with Mexico? Caliente! Your morning news brief!

Trump’s First Military Raid A Total Cluster(bomb) *Even Though* He Said ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’!

It turns out that war kills noncombatants, even when America is being made great again.
Rarely is the question asked: Is our white people learning?

Trump Idiot Says Muslim Registry Great Idea, Because Look How Well Japanese-American Internment Went

Some people insist on learning the wrong lessons from history.

Let’s Meet The Sexy Montana Navy SEAL Stud Who Will Obviously Be Next House Speaker!

When I first met Wonkette in person, at the 2012 Republican National Convention, she was drunkenly helping me post an exclusive about an unhinged Obama-bashing ad (focused laser-like on Obama's destructive surrender-bowing tendencies), which I had just obtained from...
Chris Heben shows off his wounds from the Race War

Hero Navy SEAL Kind Of Made Up Story About Getting Shot By 3 Big Scary Black Guys

The nice gentleman with all the stitches up there is Chris Heben, of Medina, Ohio. He is a retired Navy SEAL who approaches life with the gusto you'd expect of an American Hero, which is why he has been...

Navy SEAL Sells C-4, Machine Guns To Mexicans

Ha ha, an elite amphibious Freedom Fighter was caught smuggling machine guns and explosives into the US, and then selling these weapons to Mexicans. Sorry man, you missed Iran Contra by like twenty years! Let's learn more about this...