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Trump Takes Break From Golfing To Tweet Asshole Things At The Mayor Of San Juan

How is he even a real person, never mind President of the United States?
They look pretty dangerous all right

Trump Has HAD IT With All These Refugees Making America Great The Wrong Way

Guess we don't...have...to care about refugees. (Don't have to care about refugees!)

Milo Yiannopoulos Lied About Losing His House In Hurricane Irma Because #Jokes

Milo posted a picture of someone else's house that had been destroyed in the hurricane and claimed it was his own. Grifters gonna OPEN THREAD!

Idiots: Hurricane Harvey Caused By Lesbians Witches Katy Perry Abortion Illuminati And Democrats, But NOT CLIMATE CHANGE!!1!

If you've been wondering how this all might be Katy Perry's fault, you have come to the right place.

Fox Jerks So Glad That Nice Hurricane Matthew Came And Made It Harder For Dems To Vote

Stuart Varney and Tucker Carlson say Democrats won't bother to vote in a storm, because they are lazy.

Rich Person Phil Robertson: Flood Victims Should Just Move If They Don’t Like The Water

The founders NEVER would have wanted to help flood victims, Robertson says.
Some rights void where prohibited

Reasonable Moderate John Kasich Will Charge You To Vote, If It’s An ‘Emergency’

Ohio lawmakers passed a nifty bill that will put the cost of extending voting hours in an emergency where it belongs: On the voters requesting extended hours from a judge. Voting isn't free, after all.

Oh Look, Another Republican Suddenly Supports Disaster Aid For His Own State

You really gotta appreciate the fiscal conservatism of the Republican Party. Always looking out for the overburdened taxpayer, never wanting to waste a dime on anything as frivolous as healthcare or food for people living in poverty or a...
Not presidential material. Not Bobby Jindal either.

Bobby Jindal Is The Wingnut Presidential Candidate Nobody’s Been Waiting For

BREAKING NEWS! Gov. Bobby Jindal, who has basically ruined Louisiana, declared his candidacy for president of US America Wednesday afternoon, far too close to the city of New Orleans for anyone who actually loves that city. He had started off...

Ted Cruz Still Wants To Murder Federal Government, But After It Cleans Up Texas

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-United States of Texas) hates the federal government, and he is going to kill it so hard, right in its stupid federal face, when he becomes the president of it. He has a plan to abolish...

Ohio Governor to Ohio: ‘See You Suckers!’

It's not everyday a governor gets the great good fortune to prove his vice-presidential bona fides while also totally boning the citizens of his state, but lucky Ohio Governor John Kasich found just such a marvelous opportunity after five...

Wingnut Broken Record: God Letting Tornadoes Happen Because He Hates Abortion, Gays, What Have You

Faith 2 Action was last seen attempting to get a fetus to testify before the Ohio legislature, but it refused to cooperate. It was an aborted attempt, you could say, har har har. They still haven't had any creative...

Worst Japan Earthquake Ever: 100s of Deaths, ‘Nuclear Emergency’

If God was angry about those Peter King hearings, he shouldn't have taken it out on Japan. But here's the verdict at this hour: Hundreds of bodies have washed up from the tsunami, people are being evacuated to and...

Demon Volcano Trying To Kill Obama In Indonesia

Yes, maybe the United States didn't explode yesterday from all the alien bombs like that lady said they would, but that doesn't mean the Lizard People won't SHOOT LAVA IN THE AIR TO COOK BARACK OBAMA. President Obama arrived in...

Oil Leak Plugged! Keep Using All The Fossil Fuel You Want!

BP's futuristic space-age technobox dingus has gone nearly two whole days without leaking, or exploding, or going crazy and bursting off its mooring and burrowing further into the sea floor and opening up yet another leaky hole in the...

Canada Spills Earthquake Mess All Over Northern U.S. Border

This afternoon Canada had a socialist 5.0-magnitude earthquake all over its Eastern "provinces" of Ontario and Quebec. This being Canada, those brash, inconsiderate bastards, they couldn't keep the thing to themselves -- so for 30 seconds, Americans in states...