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‘If The President Does It, It’s Not Obstruction Of Justice.’ Wonkagenda for Mon., Dec. 4, 2017

Trump endorses a pedophile, Republican senators say stuff about poor people VERY OUT LOUD, and Billy Bush calls bullshit. Your morning news brief.

Ryan Zinke Wants To Kill All The Cute Critters. Wonkagenda For Fri., Aug. 25, 2017

Ryan Zinke wants to open up national monuments, Trump wants to shut down the government, and MORE Texas gerrymandering. Your morning news brief!

Idiots Demand LA Times Offer Bigots’ Perspective On Japanese Internment Camps, For ‘Balance’

Two letter writers to the LA Times explain Japanese internment was *good* -- and don't even mention the work of scholar Michelle Malkin? What is the right wing coming to?

Rightwing Nutjob Begs: ‘Mr. Trump, Tear Down This Stonewall Inn!’

This is apparently some kind of revenge for taking down confederate monuments.
Didn't we settle this already? Silly us -- we thought that was the case with the Civil War, too!

GOP Platform Includes Big Wet Kiss To Bundy Terrorist Crowd, Big F-You To Parks And Hippies

The Republican Platform Committee has adopted a position on eliminating federal ownership of public lands that could have been written by deadbeat rancher Cliven Bundy. Who knows, maybe it was!

Obama Drags Entire Family On Father’s Day Vacation To Middle Of Nowhere

No problem, we are sure Obama can make Congress authorize funding for the National Park Service while it's not doing all its other jobs.

Sundays With The Christianists: American History Textbooks For Free Enterprise No Matter What

The Progressive Era presents a tricky challenge for our rightwing Christian U.S. History textbooks. On the one hand, they are firmly in the pro-capitalism cheering section; on the other hand, they can't entirely deny that by the turn of...

Darrell Issa To Investigate How Republicans’ Government Shutdown Is Totally Obama’s Fault Somehow

Investimagating IRSghazigate is so last season. That's why House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman and theater producer Darrell Issa has discovered some new masturbatory material. He is going to investigate how the eeeeeevil Obama administration allowed Republicans to shut...

No, Idiots, For The Last Time You Do Not Get To Use National Parks When They Are Closed

Nearly two weeks into the shutdown, the right's least-pathetic gambit remains their "cakes we like" strategy, in which the impasse would be resolved by passing discrete appropriations for things Republicans support, like national parks. Shut up, Republicans do too...

Shutdown, Week Two: Wingnut Civil Disobedience Reaches Peak Hilarity

Hello patriots! (Yes we know you are libtards and thus by definition you hate America -- it’s called irony, people.) Welcome to week two of SHUTDOWNGHAZI!!!11!! Which is the defensive measure by which the GOP will protect us from...

Boycott Arizona? Sure, Because It’s So Easy!

Have you people just HAD IT with Arizona being so evil and terrible and unleashing its dumb racist idiot garbage upon America again and again, forever? Boycott those jackholes. Gawker put together a list of some Arizona "big name"...

Young Love, Drag Queens, and Mountains: What More Could You Ask For?

Tonight through Friday, August 21: Were you emotional on Monday at the end of Screen on the Green? We understand -- it's just that amazing. BUT FRET NOT. Praise be to Comcast, you can still watch movies outside....