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What Brave New Facts Are Falling From Ben Carson’s Broken Brain Into His Mouthhole?

Poor Ben Carson with the broken brain.

Trump Campaign Releases Laziest Dumbass Ad Of 2016 Campaign

Gosh, did Hillary Clinton get cheered for promising to raise taxes on the middle class? Sure, if you're a complete idiot!
You liberals can't complain about this and still support Warren, because Reasons

Deleted Comments: Wingnuts Have ONE Joke About Elizabeth Warren. Guess What It Is? Guess!

Rightwing critics of Elizabeth Warren have ONE HILARIOUS JOKE about her, which proves that everything she says about anything is wrong.
Trump can't help it if his reality is yooger and more interesting than anything on record

Donald Trump Rejects Chuck Todd’s 9/11 Reality, Replaces It With His Own

On NBC's Meet the Press Sunday, Donald Trump and host Chuck Todd had a spirited debate about the nature of reality, which left us wishing we could live in an alternative reality in which neither had been born. Todd...
All the classiest offices have Kalashnikov lamps

Nevada Rep. Michele Fiore Investigates: Why Does Prozac Keep Mass-Shooting Everyone?

The Loopy Conspiracy Brigade has found a voice (again) in the person of Nevada State Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, who's calling for studies to determine whether psychiatric medications make people suddenly want to use their freedom-loving semi-automatic weapons to commit...

Nevada Rep Michele Fiore Wishes Gun-Free Zones Would Stop Murdering Everybody

It's always a comfort to know that in the aftermath of a tragedy, people who don't know what the hell they're talking about can manage to make things a little bit worse. For instance, there's Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore...
And Hitler believed in germs!

Science Nerds To Climate Deniers: Wanna Bet ‘Climate Change’ Isn’t Real? For Real, Wanna Bet?

We're pretty sure this counts as Nice Time, or something close to it: The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI), the pro-science group that challenges pseudoscience and paranormal claims, has challenged the climate-change deniers at the Heartland Institute, which loves...
Stupid nymphs, takin' all our water!

Wingnut Dennis Prager: Nature-Worshiping Pagans Stole California’s Water, Gave It To Fish

Dennis Prager, the Family-Values radio talker who thinks children should go hungry because it builds character and that nudity is undermining American society, has more thoughts about Matters Spiritual and Material. Specifically, he has figured out why California has...

Sarah Palin Brings Her Patented Wit To Bear On Refudiating Strawman Bergdahl Story

Sarah Palin posted an example of rightwing comedy on her Faceplace thing Tuesday with some hilarious riffs on the absurd notion that Bowe Bergdahl has "forgotten how to speak English" -- which isn't something that anyone in Bergdahl's family...
What? Richard, not Raymond? Oooh, Burrn.

Canadian Doctor Tells Sen. Richard Burr To GTFO About Single-Payer Healthcare. But Politely, In Canadian.

So this was a rather beautiful exchange in a Senate hearing on single-payer healthcare Tuesday. Sen. Richard Burr, who we are informed did not play either Perry Mason or Robert T. Ironside, was ready to come down like a...

Arizona Legislator Will Stop ‘De Fuhrer’ Obama From Sending Parks & Monuments To Gas Chambers

Arizona state Rep. Brenda Barton is not going to stand for the Nazi tactics of Nazi Barack Hussein Obamanazi and his Nazi government shutdown Park Service Nazis anymore, because they've Nazi'd the Nazi Nazi Nazis all to Nazi. On...

Sundays With The Christianists: American History Textbooks That Are 3/5 Accurate

You might think that our Christianist textbooks would have the decency to mention this true historical event where Jesus handed the Constitution to America's children while Washington, Lincoln, Adams and Hamilton sang show tunes, but this basic fact is...