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Look What You Made Taylor Swift Do!

Maybe Taylor just needs to shake it off?

Is This What Ivanka And Jared Listen To While They’re Boning? Gross.

This songs will not make you want to fuck. But they'll make you OPEN THREAD.

The Weakest, Saddest, Most Hilarious Donald Trump Is EMO DONALD TRUMP

Hey look, it's your open thread, and it's also a funny song about Donald Trump!
This is what it would look like if Joe and Mika were young parents of a stolen Wonkette Baby.

Joe Scarborough Has Finally Stopped Crying

What a relief!

Nice British Singer Lady Will Do Trump’s Inauguration, On One Hilarious Condition

She wants to sing this classic protest song about black people being lynched, would that be OK?

Your 2016 Definitely Happy And Not At All Sad DANCE PARTY HALLELUJAH HOORAY!

This is not a sad post. It is a commemorative post about the amazing, iconic musical artists the year 2016 murdered. (And to all those who are all het up like "Stop saying a YEAR murdered them," oh will...

Wingnut Mourns George Michael By Wishing He Was Straight Like Other Dude In Wham!

Not the best in memoriam we've ever read.

Kid Rock Just Too Hilarious For Us Liberals To Understand!

Kid Rock is selling some VERY ORIGINAL shirts that call blue states 'Dumbfuckistan.' HA HA!

Trump’s. Nuts. Roasting. On. An Open. Fire. A Christmas Music Post!

Fiona Apple made a Christmas song for Donald Trump!
Tanned, Rested, and Ready

These Are The Songs Sexxxy Obama Listens To When He’s Pumping His Sex Body

BONUS VIDEO: Obama texting like a 16-year-old girl!

Do You Know How To Use A Song As A Weapon? WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULD LEARN.

Singer-songwriter and Wonkette pal Jill Sobule is doing a badass project called My Song Is My Weapon, to bring the protest song into the modern era. You should know about it!

And Now For A Special FRIDAY DANCE PARTY Because It Is Friday Why Not

Your Wednesday dance party, on Friday!