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Fox News Apparently Just Trying To Get People Killed Now

This shit is getting scary.

Donald Trump Signing Order To Be First President To Send Men To The Moon

Space Emperor Trump To Make Moon Great Again, Please Pray For The Moon

Wonkette Hereby Applies For Job On Sexcellent InfoWars Alex Jones Team Of ‘Elites’

Do you think Wonkette has what it takes? Can't hurt to try!

Deleted Comments: If Gravity Is Real, Why Can We Jump, Smart Guy?

Time may not be a flat circle, but Earth definitely is. Or maybe a triangle.

Oh Look, Nazi Flat Earthers. Aren’t You Surprised??

The astonishing TRUTH will truly astonish you!

GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn Does Not Care For Your Silly Poll About Planned Parenthood

Did you ever stop to think about how difficult it must be to be a conservative fact-free jackhole? In the face of every bit of evidence to the contrary, you have to cling to nonsense like being sure that...
Note the Leia-bun knit cap

You Know You Want This Star Wars Speeder Bike Rocking Horse: Your Saturday Nerdout

It's your Saturday geek-out, so have another bulb of coffee, or tranya, or Romulan ale -- it's the weekend after all -- and enjoy. Most Awesomest Nerd Dad Ever Builds little Speeder Bike An Australian dad and Instructables addict, ‘Tez Gelmir,’...
Is this a FEMA train that's about to capture all the Americans? Sure, why not.

Texas Gets Ready For Its FEMA Camps. Bye Texas!

This Operation Jade Helm 15 conspiracy theory just gets funnier and funnier MORE AND MORE REAL. If you'll remember, the U.S. military is set to do a totally routine exercise this summer in the western states, which has led...

Are Christian Textbooks Teaching That The Moon Landing Was Fake? We Are Only Asking.

Well here's a head-scratcher, courtesy of John Prager at Americans Against the Tea Party: a photo of a textbook that asks kids what they think -- did astronauts really go to the moon? Prager found this image on the...

Here Is A Funny Speech That Dead Iraq-War-Lover William Safire Wrote

Yeah so former Nixon speechwriter and the *original* New York Times "lightning rod conservative" columnist William "Bill" Safire died yesterday. Whaddaya want us to do about it, jesus... Anyway, Gawker found the most interesting/brief way to Honor this, the...