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America Made So Great Again That New Wave Of Refugees Is Fleeing To Canada

We're living in a dystopian sci-fi novel now. Watch out for C.H.U.D.s.

Here Are 50 Million New Hot-Ass Pictures Of Justin Trudeau, Because It Is A Day

He's been sexxxy a WHOLE LOT the past few weeks.
Jesus's favorite prophet.

Crazy Tongue-Speaking Prophet Lady Running For Mayor … Of Our Hearts!

Wonkers, are you ready to meet your new best friend? Her name is Opal Covey, she is 75 years old, and she is running for mayor of Toledo (Ohio, not Spain, geography nerds). You excited yet? Did we mention...

Water Crisis: Filthy, Liquid Death In Montana, Washington, Kiev, Everywhere!

This post brought to you by the Patty Dumpling Endowed Blogging Chair For Something Nice For Once From an oil spill of 50,000 gallons in the Yellowstone river to a federal ruling on an "imminent and substantial" health threat in East Washington...