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Milo Yiannopoulos Lied About Losing His House In Hurricane Irma Because #Jokes

Milo posted a picture of someone else's house that had been destroyed in the hurricane and claimed it was his own. Grifters gonna OPEN THREAD!

Steve Bannon’s Florida Porn / Meth Palace Probably Not Your Top AirBnB Choice

If those walls could talk...they'd plead, 'Bulldoze me. Please just bulldoze me.'

Marco Rubio Is Today’s Senator Who Has No Dick

Nobody puts Baby in a corner and makes him listen to their medical sob stories.

Miami Starbucks Trump Man Very Sorry … That The Black Barista Reverse-Racismed Him

Viral video Starbucks Trump man says he hadn't taken his meds and is sorry ... that the barista hates Trumpers and white people.

Be Like This White Guy Telling This Other White Guy To Stop Yelling ‘Trump’ At The Black Starbucks Barista

Be the human safety pin you want to see in the world.

Donald Trump Just Wants MSNBC’s Katy Tur To Know SOMETHING IS HAPPENING, KATY!

Wonkette has reached out to Katy Tur to find out if she knows something is happening, Katy.
You have GOT to be freaking kidding me.

Let’s Celebrate Hillary Clinton’s Birthday, By Watching Her LOL At Donald Trump!

Let's see how Hillary Clinton is spending her 69th birthday!

Thanks A Lot, Gays, For LITERALLY Sodomizing Florida With Hurricanes

There goes God, punishing gays with natural disasters again.
Sometimes a picture's worth a thousand-word debunking

Sean Hannity Admires Donald Trump For Wonderful Act Of Kindness Trump Never Did

Sean Hannity has a heartwarming story about how Donald Trump dispatched his very own jet to help some stranded Marines get home. Like any heartwarming story about Trump, it's bullshit.
Would you buy a used car from this PAC?

‘Pro’ Bernie Sanders Fake Super PAC Spent All Your Twenty-Seven Dollarses At The Disco

Look, a post about Bernie Sanders and we are not even punching Bernie Sanders! HOORAY!

Antarctica Set To Drown Louisiana Dead By 2100, So There’s A Good Reason To Drink

Sad news about the global warming hoax, you guys. Turns out that the liberal scientists are so committed to their big lie that they're going to go down to Antarctica and melt all the ice, which will cause the...

Surprise! Farm-To-Table (At Least In One City) Is A Complete Lie

You guys remember farm-to-table, right? That hip new (well, for a given value of new) trend where restaurants source local food to serve to local customers in an extremely local fashion? Yeah, turns out that in at least one...

Dear Univision: Show Us On The Doll Where Hillary And Bernie Hurt You

Last night, the showdown was ON. Two candidates took the stage, coiffed for battle, ready to face down and parry the ludicrous personal attacks and brutal hypocrisies of their worst enemies: the debate moderators. Wait, What Now? Yes, Wednesday's Democratic debate was notable...

Two Adults Talk About America Instead Of Their Dicks: Dem Debate Liveblog!

We were told that the evil dark forces of darkness had conspired to destroy democracy by not inflicting seven zillion Democratic debates on us. That's what we'd heard. There would be maybe one, and it would be about 15 minutes...

Bernie Surprise Winned Michigan! Time For Another Democratic Debate Death Match

When was the last time we had a Democratic debate between Hillary Rodham Sanders and Berndog Clinton or whatever their REAL names are? Were you a little girl at the time? Well you're still a little girl obviously, because...
Just sayin' a little prayer.

Marco Rubio Ready To Be President Of Jesus

Have you met Marco Rubio's personal BFF, the one man who loves him more than anyone else, who braids his hair and tells him everything is going to be OK when people make fun of his sexxxy man boots?...