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Kellyanne Conway, Get Back Under Your Tree

Kellyanne wonders if criticizing Sarah Huckabee Sanders for lying is an attack on ALL women. It's not.

NBC Women Say They Were Pressured To Sign ‘Tom Brokaw Is Not A Sex Creep’ Letter No One Is Buying Anyway

Megyn Kelly is refusing to sign the letter, so now we have to give Megyn Kelly credit again for a thing.

Been Nice Knowing You, John Kelly. Wonkagenda For Tues., May 1, 2018

Robert Mueller has just a couple of questions, John Kelly calls Trump A Idiot, and Israel tries to start a war with Iran (again). Your morning news brief.

Scaramucci, Schlapps, And Shuckafuck: The Sunday Gauntlet Of Conservative Aggrievement

We watched the Sunday shows because you were busy drinking.

Alex Jones And Erick Erickson Feeling #Triggered By Florida #Teen David Hogg, Need #SafeSpace NOW

Teens, you stop dunking on Alex Jones and Dana Loesch RIGHT NOW!

Megyn Kelly Knows What Is Un-American, And It Is Jane Fonda’s OLD FACE!

You can take the girl out of Fox, but you will never get the Fox outta that girl.

She Shuts Shit Down By The Shit Show. Wonkagenda For Fri., Jan. 19, 2018

Republicans are about to shutdown the government (again), LA Times publisher is a big bag of dicks, and Fusion GPS told Congress Trump-Russia worse than we thought. Your morning news brief.

Obese And Balding Is The New Black. Wonkagenda For Wed., Jan. 17, 2018

Trump's a big, fat mess, Steve Bannon GOT SERVED...TWICE, and Republicans might just shut down the government (AGAIN). Your morning news brief.

Your Weekly Top Ten Is A DINOSAUR GRRR ARGH!


Who Did Halloween The Worst? Megyn Kelly Or Megyn Kelly?

Click on this post for a SPOOKY HALLOWEEN FRIGHT!

Who Wore This Red Wedding Dress Best? Katy Tur Or Katy Tur?

Congratulations, Katy! You're married now, Katy! The Fake News Media won't report it but it's true, Katy!

Bill O’Reilly So Mad God Forced His Penis Into All Those Precarious Situations


Knee Deep In Niger. Wonkagenda for Oct. 24, 2017

There's a lot more troops are in Niger, Trump takes a field trip, and Ryan Zinke gets REALLY grifty. Your morning news brief.

Trump Wishes That War Widow Would Stop Bleeding From Her Wherever At Him

Surprise, America, the president is being a lying fuck again.

Awful Week Partly Saved By Barack Obama! Wonkagenda for Oct. 20, 2017

Why the hell are we in Niger, the Senate tries to sneak in the Trump Taxes, and OBAMA'S BACK! Your morning news brief.

Victoria Jackson Thinks Julia Louis-Dreyfus Should Stop Being JUST LIKE HITLER

She also claims her politics, and not her dearth of talent, is what's keeping her from having her own Netflix series.