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Good Boy Devin! Wonkagenda For Mon., Feb. 5, 2018

The Memo gets shredded, incumbent House Republicans running scared, and Illinois GOP embraces hate. Your morning news brief.

Rep. Matt Gaetz Swears He Barely Knows Chuck C. Johnson, His Hot & Heavy SOTU Date

Internet troll goes to the State of the Union. What a time to be alive!

GOP Will Protect Robert Mueller The Second It’s Too Fucking Late To Protect Robert Mueller

Silly liberals, why are you even worried?

More Legal Fuckery From That Fucker Paul Manafort: A Lawsplainer About His Bad Lawsuit That Sucks!

Paul Manafort is a real criminal, but this lawsuit is totally fake.

Fox News And GOP Expose Robert Mueller As Kenyan Obama Gay From Hillary-Town, It Is Just So Obvious

Holy shit, Robert Mueller must be close to destroying ALL these fuckers.

Well Of Course Reddit Deplorables Are Drafting Legislation For Congress. U Elites Mad?

A congressional staffer turned to conspiracy freaks on Reddit to find dirt on Hillary Clinton for the House to investigate. Yay, internet!

Trump Did His Kid’s Russia Homework! Wonkagenda For Tues., Aug 1, 2017

Trump does Little Donnie's Russian homework, Republicans try to move from healthcare, and Eric Trump tells Hannity about his dad's loads. Your morning news brief.

House Judiciary Committee Demands To Know Why Hillary Clinton Fired James Comey

Just another day at the Congressional sausage factory.

Florida Is Completely F*cked, The Legislative Edition! Your Florida Roundup.

Florida , noun: 1) A callous, avaricious swampland of greed and dumb run by bible-thumpers and hucksters the state’s residents aren't smart enough to vote out of office, no matter how badly they fuck them over. We’ll begin this edition...

Oh, Look, More Terrible People With Terrible Defenses Of ‘Stand Your Ground’

We are now officially in the "Stupid people make us want to scream" portion of the Michael Dunn trial, when every moron possible will try to outdo the last. For starters, how about Florida state Rep. Matt Gaetz, who...