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Roy Moore Waiting For God To Certify Doug Jones Winner Of Alabama Election

WHERE'S YOUR GOD NOW, ROY? Oh, He's just over there wearing a Doug Jones T-shirt!
But how do you know that's true? ATHEISTS 0, GOD 1!!!!

Creationists Name Neil deGrasse Tyson ‘Censor Of The Year’ For Cutting God From ‘Cosmos’

Neil deGrasse Tyson has won himself yet another accolade! The creationist Discovery Institute has named Tyson "Censor of the Year" for his outstanding achievement in "thwarting an open and informed discussion of science and scientific controversies" -- in other...

NYPD Arrests Black Kid For Buying Nice Things With Own Money, Proving Value of Hard Work

NYPD officers and Barney's Department Store did their best to encourage hard work among urban youth this week when the store accused a black teen of using a counterfeit debit card to pay for a designer belt. In reality,...

Pope Tells Priests And Nuns To Drive More Boring Cars

Oh, man, New Pope is doing that thing again, where he says stuff that makes us like him even if he is that head of a big corrupt institution that does evilnasty things. But we give him credit for...