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GOP Senate Candidate Believes In A Woman’s Right To Make Him Dinner

Courtland Sykes will not stand for women telling him what women's rights are.

Embracing What This One Lady Thinks Feminism Is Could KILL Your Marriage. Be Forewarned!

Lady writing for The Federalist argues against the feminist law that women should be mean to their husbands.

Your Weekly Top Ten Is Fawning All Over New WONKETTE GRANDBABY


Trump Will Make You Die Alone, Unsexed. So We’ve Got That Going For Us!

How is Donald Trump impacting your p-in-v or your p-in-b or your scissoring TODAY?

Melania Trump Not Having Any Of Her Dumb Husband’s Shit

We wish we could all keep our distance from Trump as well as his wife does.

‘Fox & Friends’ Morons Settle Question Of How Dumb Chicks Should Behave

Listen up, ladies, you are DOING IT ALL WRONG.
We dunno.

Bigots Joining Together To Preemptively Discriminate Against Yucky Homosexuals

This time, it's an evangelical lady in Colorado who doesn't want to build websites for gross queer weddings.

BREAKING! Gay-Hatin’ Kentucky Judge And His Wife Are *Not* Banging Their Houseboy, Nosario

Judge Tim Philpot says gay marriage is just like jumbo shrimp and magnificent chihuahuas. THOSE THINGS AREN'T EVEN REAL!

‘Pick-Up Artist’ Roosh V Deprived Of Suitable Wife By Worldwide Conspiracy To Educate Women

Inside the secret illuminati plot to depopulate the world and deprive Roosh V of a wife that will make him all the sandwiches.
Strange, we keep finding reasons to use this

Mississippi: You Call That A Gay-Hatin’ Bill, North Carolina? THIS Is A Gay-Hatin’ Bill!

Doesn't it feel like we're taking a little bus tour of U.S. America these days, to see the new, enchanted ways everybody's coming up with to screw the gays and the BLTs? Today we are in Mississippi, where Republican Gov....

Christian Daddy Seeks Godly Young Man To Pry Open Daughter’s Box

This is an ad that appeared in the august pages of Christianity Today: It is no longer there, because Christianity Today has taken the bold stand that it's really gross for daddies to sell their unfucked daughters in the want ads....
Glamour Shots, maybe.

Dumb Duck Dynasty Dude Wants All The Queer-Lovers Dead, We Guess

It's been a while since we've had a legit reason to check in with Phil Robertson, the boy matriarch of the "Duck Dynasty" teevee family (motto: Like the Duggars, but furrier!). And breaking news, but he still hates him...
If it quacks like a gay turtle it probably is one.

Oklahoma City Councilman Super Concerned About Dudes Boning In His Garage Apartment

First, the good news: The city council of Oklahoma City passed an ordinance prohibiting anti-gay discrimination in housing. YAY! Funny how they managed that in Oklahoma after all that nasty business in Houston, where voters repealed an LGBT rights ordinance...
That's probably what fucked his brain up so bad.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Rubbing His Judicial Wang All Over Gay Marriage Again

Alabama's Supreme Court Bubba Justice-In-Chief Roy Moore woke up on the wrong side of history again this morning. Again, oh my god yes again, and MONTHS after marriage equality became the law of the goddamned entire United States of America...

2015: The Year Gay Became Mandatory And All The Christians Got Holocausted

If you are a filthy homosexual, 2015 was your year. If you are Kim Davis, or somebody like her, you are not reading this, because you have been martyred for your Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs, so much sadface. Let's look...

Dear Jesus, What A Year 2015 Was! A Letter From Michelle Duggar

Dear friends, family, fellow sidehuggers, and Jesus: OHHHHHHHH! WHAT A YEAR THE DUGGARS HAVE HAD! We have been walking strong in the Lord, but sometimes He just throws you a curveball you weren't expecting! For instance, did you know that the...