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Donald Trump Could Give Two Shits About Mexican Earthquake, Hurricane, Like You’d Expect

Someone please send him to charm school.

Some Guy Yelled At Ivanka Trump On A Plane And Everyone Is All OH MY STARS!

Should you yell at Ivanka Trump in front of her kids? Let's wonksplore!

Paul Ryan So Sad Hillary Clinton Was Mean To That Nice Trump Boy

Paul Ryan is quite dismayed at the tone this election has taken, with all the insults and and bullying and name-calling and meanness coming... from the Clinton campaign. And he thinks Donald Trump deserves an apology! Early on Thursday, in...

Charlie Sheen Talkin’ Sh*t About Donald Trump’s Cheap Ass Fugazi Wedding Present

A lot of this sounds like a euphemism for his Presidential campaign.

Trump Supporter Thrilled Trump Will Make America Great Again, For A-Holes

Remember the good old days when you could just insult whomever you wanted, and then they would kill you in a duel?

Donald Trump Very Sad You Nasty People Keep Using His Words To Misquote Him

Another day, another way the world is being 'very nasty' to poor ol' Donald Trump!
You will respect the sanctity of this hallowed place!

Do Not Gaze Upon The Minnesota State Senate Like Common Eyeball-Havers, During Debate!

The Minnesota state Senate is a DIGNIFIED PLACE, and they will not have you misbehaving! Yes, the august institution that foisted Michele Bachmann on an unsuspecting world has rules, and you shan't defy them! For one thing, they will...

August Washington Post Columnist Would Like A Little F*cking Decorum Please

Your Wonkette was just looking at the Facebook, like we do, and we saw an article our friend had posted, written by some dork named Michael R. Strain, who is a "resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute." Already,...

Secret Service Agent Tell-All! Hillary Clinton Didn’t Say ‘Thanks’ That Much!

As we all know from our repeated viewings of Guarding Tess, the documentary about Secret Service agent Nicolas Cage and mad-bitch old First Lady Shirley MacLaine, First Ladies are cold, needy nightmares and Secret Service agents are longsuffering studs...

Rutgers Wants To Teach New Jersey About Manners

Uh, Rutgers University is hosting a series of Podcast-lecture things about Etiquette in New Jersey ("Don't call Snooki fat. Use the adjective 'homo' sparingly. Do not eat finger sandwiches with a fork and knife"). Couldn't Rutgers use its precious...

Clintards Shocked By Obama Supporters’ Decent Manners

A pack of grieving Clinton supporters in Minnesota dragged their dejected pantsuits over to the Xcel Center the other night and were amazed by the fact that Barack Obama and his army of houligans weren't complete dicks to them....