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Trump Declared His Inauguration Day The Greatest Patriotic Day In All Of North Korea

Yow! Are we Patriotically Devoted Yet?
You have the right to free speech as long as you're not dumb enough to actually try it.

Donald Trump Ready To Deport Sportsballer Colin Kaepernick For Anti-Flag Crimethink

America is a land of boundless freedom, as long as you don't say anything unkind about it in relation to the flag or national anthem.
E Plebnista: Love It Or Leave It

Why Does Neil deGrasse Tyson Hate The Flag And America?

Pluto-murderer, Jesus-defamer, and notorious science-doer Neil deGrasse Tyson put on his troll hat again the other day, and displeased some parts of the Twitterverse with a terrible horrible unpatriotic parody of the Pledge of Allegiance: Reaction was swift and, in...

Deleted Comments Of The Day: Liberal Veterans Are Fictional Edition

As we all know, the greatest scandal of the gummint shutdown is Barack Obama's 9/11/Pearl Harbor sneak attack on America's World War II vets, whereby he personally endorsed Hitler by closing the WWII Memorial on the National Mall (although...

Ben Shapiro Hates Our British Allies, Thinks We Declared Independence From Cuba

Oh golly guys, Bette Midler tweeted this thing on the Fourth of July, she must Hate America almost as much as that Chris Rock guy! Fact-challenged fuckmonkey  Ben Shapiro, the crypt-keeper of Dead Breitbart's Home For Wannabe Conservative Media...