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2018 Midterm Madness: Democrats In Texas’ 7th Shooting Rockets Up John Culberson’s Lazy Ass.

John Culberson has friends in high places, and Democrats want to bring him back down to Earth.

Trump To China: ‘Obama Did It.’ Wonkagenda For Thurs., Nov. 9, 2017

Trump insults the US (again), Paul Ryan is losing tax reform, and Maria Bartiromo melts the fuck down. Your morning news brief!

John Bolton Wants To Pick A Fight! Wonkagenda for Thursday, December, 15, 2016

Trump scares weapons merchants, John Bolton scares everybody, and Alex Jones learns about "The Streisand Effect". Your daily news brief!

Kellyanne Conway Really Needs A Job! Wonkagenda for Tuesday December 6, 2016

Get in here and read your morning News Brief in your new briefs. Or whatever, we don't judge.
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Rich People Don’t Like Their Gelato Treats :/ And More In Your Class-War Roundup!

America is at its best when teaming up with its patriotic contractors to blow enormous piles of cash on military programs. And none blow more than the F-35. After 15 years of your standard cost overuruns and totally predictable...
Mazel tov about the egg thing

Fine Hipsters, Taco Bell Will Put Free-Range Artisanal Kale Eggs In Your Chalupas

Your Wonkette stands before you bearing gifts of Corporate Jerkery the likes of which have never been seen since last week. And just in time for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, too! Blessed is the government that steals from the...
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Congrats, America, The Troops Got Poisoned And YOU Get To Pay For It

9/11, ever heard of it? It's almost old enough to drive which might explain why our national security apparatus clings to its precious contractors in anticipation of an empty nest. So maybe we should check in on some of...

Fancy Fighter Jets Costing Nation Zillions of Dollars Do Not Work

So what do these double super killer stealth F-35 fighter jets go for these days? A few million dollars? A hundred million? A BILLION DOLLARS? No, none of those things. It is actually more like, "a trillion dollars." We...

Lockheed Martin Thinks It’s So Cool, Buying Death Ads All Willy Nilly…

Look, one of those rare humans who procured a print copy of today's Washington Post noticed that evil war and death corporation Lockheed Martin purchased a creepy full-page, full-color "In Memoriam" ad to "honor" dead Jack Murtha, replete with...